The technology voucher “accumulated funding amount” is loosened and funding is up!

The cumulative amount of HK$600,000 in technology vouchers is loose

The Innovation and Technology Commission announced the relaxation of the “Technology Voucher” limit on the amount of accumulated funding. Starting from August 14, 2020, companies/organizations that are established as different legal entities but are owned by the same person with 30% or more of the ownership will not And then be regarded as the same organization to be counted in the “Technology VoucherThe cumulative total funding under “.

The measure is to loosen the restrictions on small and medium-sized business owners who hold multiple companies at the same time and need to upgrade technology for different companies, so that the original limit of “HK$600,000 cumulative subsidy” is upgraded according to actual needs. Making good use of technology vouchers to fund early digital upgrades is the key to success in digital business in the future.


No need to count shareholding for technology voucher applications

Taking the same shareholder holding more than 30% ownership of 3 companies at the same time as an example, after the TVP technology voucher “cumulative subsidy amount” is loosened, 3 companies can apply for technology voucher subsidy at the same time, and the maximum subsidy amount for each is HK$600,000 .

Popular Technology Voucher Program:Omnichannel Marketing Technology SolutionOptimize user experience programPOS system 2.0


Technology voucher quotes become a pain point

The loosening of TVP technology voucher is certainly good news, but for companies that want to apply for technology voucher for process or system upgrade, the purchase of technology voucher items and the process of technology voucher quotation are still the pain points of application. The company’s mastery of the latest technological solutions, how to connect front-end and back-end systems, all require professional advice from scientific and technical personnel. The piecemeal purchase of technology systems may not necessarily drive companies to improve their operational efficiency. If the systems cannot be coordinated with each other, they may even become an obstacle to the upgrading of the company.

Technology voucher upgrade example:Old school wholesale houses also upgrade TVP subsidized purchase of ERP system

For example, many marketers who set up online stores will analyze customer data and conduct re-marketing through CRM customer management systems to achieve high efficiency.Automated marketing plan,It is necessary to integrate the CRM system with the automated email system. In addition, POS and CRM systems are two different systems. To synchronize sales, inventory and customer sales data, the two systems must be integrated. Different systems are often provided by different vendors. To manage the API connection well, there must be professional and technical personnel to observe the whole process.


Technology Voucher Consultant Program with Maximum Benefit

Understand the company’s own problems and get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, we emphasize that TVP technology voucher consultants are not purely “engaging” TVP technology voucher applications for companies, but provide complete technology consulting services, including technology upgrade roadmaps, supplier matching services, project budget assessments, and market trends reporting to ensure From the TVP technology voucher application to the company’s own technology upgrade, it can maximize the benefits.

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We have provided technology voucher consulting services for many well-known brands and organizations, and are also good partners for opening online stores, O2O retailers and even different industries. Free technology voucher funding application evaluation, please contact consultant now (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

Let the purchase rate soar by 250%. Omni-channel Marketing teaches you how to do O2O marketing

Know more about technology voucher:Omni-channel Marketing increases purchase rate by 250%

O2OIn this era, buyers are pursuing a more personalized consumer experience,Omni-channel MarketingThe strategy can create a higher participation rate, purchase rate and customer retention rate, yesO2O(Opening online stores and physical stores) Marketing is the key.Omni-channel MarketingIt needs the cooperation of technological solutions to provide online and offline channels(channel)A seamless consumer experience.CRMCustomer management system, automated marketing system and data analysis system, etc.Omni-channel MarketingTechnology solutions can be applied toTVPTechnology VoucherTVPKnow more about technology vouchers, up toHK$60Million fundingO2ODigital marketing road.

Omni-channel MarketingAlso known as “omni-channel marketing”, inMarketing funnelUnder the concept of “Buyer-oriented”, create online and offline cross-channels(channel)path,Allow buyers to smoothly receive customized information. according to2018Marketing activities of the yeardataanalysis,Use three or more channels to promote(Omni-channel Marketing),No matter in terms of engagement, purchase rate or average consumption, the data is much brighter than single-channel marketing:

Omni-channel Marketing Single-channel Marketing
Participation 18.96% 5.4%
Purchase rate Omni-channel Marketing 250% higher than Single-channel Marketing
Average consumption Omni-channel Marketing 13% higher than Single-channel Marketing

Online marketing strategy:4 ways to optimize user experience

O2O Omni-channel Marketingexample:

Through examples, we can better understand Omni-channel MarketingHow the technology solution integrates consumer data from different channels, and through automated marketing, allows marketing information to be seamlessly delivered to buyers.

1) The buyer saw a promotion on the e-commerce platform and placed an order. He received a box of goods with physical store information, online store QR code, and a limited-time online store welcome coupon code. As long as he signs up as a member, he can get discounts.

2) The buyer registered as a member in the online store and also checked the “Sweet Goods”. Although there is no purchase, the online store can still record the buyer’s browsing behavior for future

3) After that, the buyer was browsingIGFByoutubenews portal etc.,Both “re-encounter” the “desirable goods” he once clicked. Product photos, promotion, introduction videos, etc., push buyers into the marketing funnel through different online channels.

4) Then, other users’ shared posts and selected collections are pushed to the buyers one by one. Finally, the online store’s automatic email system will bring the buyers to the physical store with a “limited time welcome gift”.

5) Buyers went to the physical store to exchange for gifts and bought “desirable goods” along the way, and the shopping behavior also triggered anothertransactional email(Automatic email) to inform him that his membership accumulation plan has been activated, and the latest points will be displayed.

From the above example,Omni-channel MarketingConvert the initial e-commerce platform order into your direct buyer, and let you identify the buyer journey with more real buyer data. In addition, marketing information is continuously pushed to buyers from various online and offline channels, which not only does not annoy buyers, but allows them to complete the tasks of the buyer’s journey naturally and smoothly.

Omni-channel MarketingTechnology Solution:

RWDOnline store design and mobile application APP are important contact points between merchants and buyers, through the background settings and application program interface(API)connectionCRMThe customer management system and other systems can achieve automated processes and promote omni-channel marketing. For example, an automated email system can enable thousands of promotional emails to follow the buyer’s needs and send them in a timely manner without the need for additional manual processing. Of course, other marketing activities are also handled by the automated system, so that massive amounts of marketing data can be processed in seconds.

Just buyOmni-channel MarketingTechnology solutions can make information promotion and customer management become automatic and uninterrupted under the fixed labor cost of marketing personnel, and technology solutions can be flexibly expanded with the scale of the business to meet the cost management requirements of digital marketing.

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TVPValue-added solutions of science and technology securities consultants:

To be executedOmni-channel MarketingTechnological solutions, you can first set up a roadmap, fully understand the functions and limitations of the company’s own system at the planning stage, and collect them in the marketOmni-channel MarketingTechnological solution providers, prices and related solutions, and analyze the options that can meet the company’s marketing needs and budget. It’s important to note that ready-madeOmni-channel MarketingTechnology systems often need to be customized(customized)orAPI,Therefore, IT professionals are required to assist from quotation to execution, not just marketing personnel.

Even without internal IT staff, it is still easy to successfully apply for TVP technology voucher.TVP-hk.comTechnology Voucher Advisor can be your private technology+Funding think tanks, from the quotation of technology voucher suppliers, the administration of technology voucher applications, the implementation and management of technology voucher projects, the project and funding are quickly completed, and we are the first to seize the digital marketing opportunities.

Successful examples of technology voucher:Old school wholesale houses also upgrade TVP subsidized purchase of ERP system

Please contactTVP-hk.comconsultant (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

Online store marketing strategy: marketing automation funnel

Know more about technology voucher: marketing automation funnel

The marketing automation funnel is a marketing concept that digital marketing must learn. From understanding the buyer’s shopping journey to using automated marketing tools to address the needs of buyers at different stages, incorporating buyers into your marketing network, and then advancing to the bottom of the marketing funnel Finish shopping at the end. Automated email, SEO, e-newsletter, CRM and other automated marketing tools can speed up the process of the marketing funnel. Through the system presets, after detecting specific actions of consumers, automatic marketing can be carried out in real time. To open an online store to upgrade the marketing automation plan, you canApply for HK$600,000 TVP Technology Voucher,The funding ratio reaches 75% of the project.

TVP funding:Technology Voucher Website Online Shop Solution


Marketing automation tools combined with the buyer journey:

The buyer’s journey can be divided into three stages: detection, consideration, and decision-making. The marketing automation funnel is aimed at buyers at different stages, using automated marketing tools to carry out a spiral marketing strategy, from casting the net to closing the net, in order to personalize the pursuit. Marketing strategy to improve the conversion rate at each stage.


Top of the marketing funnel: awareness (awareness)

Consumers perceive that they have an interest, desire or demand for a certain product. They will search for relevant information on the Internet and enter your marketing network from different channels. Of course, they will also find your opponent in the same way. How to get ahead of them Let him realize that the uniqueness of your brand or service will be the focus of marketing at this stage.

“Solving Pain Points”, “Brand Uniqueness”, and “Product Benefits” are all methods for consumers to arouse brand awareness. Automated marketing solutions at this stage include automatic social media postings and e-news. In addition to providing consumers with useful service/product information, they also absorb consumer information from different channels for the next stage of marketing.

Online marketing:4 ways to optimize user experience


The middle level of the marketing funnel: consideration(Consideration)

Consumers who enter the “consideration stage” begin to refine their expectations for the product, and they are very likely to become your ultimate buyers. Marketing at this stage should be based on a personalized strategy. The consumer preferences collected from the previous stage (Awareness) are used to develop personalized e-mail promotion through automated marketing tools.

The automated email system can send accurate messages to potential consumers by setting sending rules and content options, and grasp the favorable position that influences consumers’ decisions in the “consideration stage”.


The bottom of the marketing funnel: decision making(Decision)

Consumers entering the decision-making stage will make a final decision after comparing various product options. To hit consumers in the decision-making stage with a single hit, it is necessary to launch an accurate and intensive advertising campaign. Since advertisements must be placed on different platforms at a high frequency, it is very important to optimize the click-through rate and conversion rate. Take high ROI as the principle.


Ad delivery automation tools can use algorithms to design ad pictures or video and audio to increase ad click-through rates. Automated tools for advertising data analysis can also integrate Facebook, Instagram, and GA back-end data to help formulate accurate advertising plans (e.g. Distribution group, keywords or advertising budget, etc.).


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Value-added solutions of technology voucher consultants

The above is an introduction to how marketing automation tools can quickly pull consumers from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom, making him your buyer. Many online stores have already joined the ranks of automated marketing.


You can apply for technology voucher funding for purchasing automated marketing programs, and the government will provide up to 75% of the funding for your technology upgrade project. Successfully apply for the technology voucher subsidy, and the maximum subsidy amount of HK$600,000 can be obtained.


There are many key points for technology voucher applications, and the procurement process of technology voucher suppliers is the key to success or failure. Many small and medium-sized enterprises lack an IT department and even write technology voucher quotations with half the effort. It is important to know that the technology voucher project involves a large number of professional terms, program management and function definitions. The unfinished technology voucher project due to the unknown quotation will not be worth the loss. And another problem that generally hinders technology voucher applicants is “The quotation of the technology voucher project cannot be read“Because when technology voucher providers are not fully confident of winning jobs, or think that the company’s quotations are not comprehensive, most of them are unwilling to waste time “teaching customers”, and quotations for procedural technology voucher projects are the prerequisite for successful application of technology voucher. One of the conditions. technology voucher consultant can become your private technology + funding think tank, we believe thatEnterprises understand their own problems and get twice the result with half the effort to apply for technology voucher,From the quotation of technology voucher suppliers, the administration of technology voucher applications, and the implementation and management of technology voucher projects, it is necessary to ensure that funding is completed quickly and the projects are successfully implemented, paving the way for the upgrading and transformation of enterprises.

Successful examples of technology voucher:Old school wholesale houses also upgrade TVP subsidized purchase of ERP system


Please contact consultant now (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

Relaxing the development period of technology voucher projects. Which border category applications will benefit most?

Technology voucher know more about the project development period has been relaxed

The Innovation and Technology Commission has relaxed the launch period of technology voucher funded projects. Technology voucher applicants can start related projects without waiting for the approval of the application. Do the relevant measures have more advantages than disadvantages? The following article introducesHK$600,000 technology voucher subsidyNew arrangements.

Under the new arrangement, companies can start relevant projects as early as the day after submitting the technology voucher application form. The relevant arrangements will be loosened for companies, allowing companies to start their technology voucher upgrade projects as soon as possible. It should be noted that if an enterprise wishes to apply under the new arrangement, it must submit the completed “Declaration and Commitment” to the Innovation and Technology Commission no later than 5 working days after the actual project commencement date.


Are border technology voucher applications most benefited?

If companies can make good use of the new arrangements to implement technological solutions as soon as possible, they will strive for the maximum time value for improving business operations and enhancing competitiveness. If the execution time of related technology projects is long, such as system construction and API integration that require longer internal testing, the new arrangement can provide better time management. In addition, if the amount of funding applied for technology voucher is not large, the risk should be within control.

Popular technology voucher schemes:5 automation solutions for e-commerce


Relaxation has more advantages than disadvantages?

The successful approval of the technology voucher project actually depends on the reasonableness of the proposed content, procurement procedures and budget. In the end, it will also have to wait for the approval result. If the company’s technology voucher project is carried out based on funding, it must carefully consider “first implementation, The risk of “post-approval” is because it may involve a longer waiting period than the budget, insufficient funding approval, or even the risk of not being approved.

Popular technology voucher schemes:Technology voucher ERP helps companies improve efficiency

In addition, for companies applying for technology voucher funding for the first time, high-complex projects or companies without IT staff, hiring a technology voucher consultant can not only make the process of successfully applying for technology voucher smoother, but also allow professionals to manage related technology upgrade projects on their behalf. , Until the funding and scientific and technological programs are completed. The technology voucher consultant has practical experience and can provide first-hand information on successful strategies or industry information.

Examples of successful technology voucher applications:Traditional retail applications for technology coupons to open online stores to expand business


HK$600,000 technology voucher application success depends on experience

The “Tech Voucher” under the “Innovation and Technology Fund” aims to subsidize local enterprises and organizations to use technology to increase productivity or upgrade and transform their business processes. The Technology Voucher will use a matching model of 3 (government):1 (enterprise/organization) to provide up to HK$600,000 to each eligible enterprise.

Know more about technology voucher quotes:Why does the tech voucher supplier “cannot read back” your quotation?

Contact TVP-hk to learn more about TVP Technology Voucher Program (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

Why does the tech voucher supplier “cannot read back” your quotation?

Why does the tech voucher supplier “cannot read back” your quotation?

Various industries are striving to use technology solutions to strengthen production, marketing and operational capabilities. With the funding of the government’s HK$600,000 technology voucher program, obtaining quotations from technology voucher suppliers is the key to successful application of TVP technology voucher. The blockage of the quotation process is enough to drag down the entire technology. Voucher funding application. It is important for enterprises to quickly obtain quotation responses for technology coupons, and it is even more important to avoid quotation traps and get the project launched at full speed.

CRM, ERP, project management programs, etc. are all popular technology voucher funding programs. It can be imagined that suppliers in these categories receive many quotation invitations every day. Under the principle of done deal-based, they must take the easy but not the difficult. , First deal with the quotation invitation that can list the technical requirements in detail. In addition to the consideration of resources and time costs, another reason is that there is no free lunch in the world, and no free scientific and technological consulting services. If an incomplete quotation invitation is thrown out, the supplier must fill in the quotation content instead of actually negotiating the project content. Will be treated coldly.

Popular TVP projects:Old school wholesale houses also upgrade TVP subsidized purchase of ERP system

The Technology Voucher Funding Scheme is extremely prudent in reviewing procurement procedures. Projects no higher than HK$50,000 must obtain written quotations from at least two suppliers; projects above HK$50,000 to HK$300,000 must obtain written quotations from at least three suppliers. Under the trend of enterprises vying for the transformation of technology solutions, technology coupon suppliers will inevitably receive more invitations for quotations. Technology coupon quotations should not only raise problems without specific work requirements.

TVP consultant takes the pulse:Understand the company’s own problems and get twice the result with half the effort


Essentials of Tech Voucher Quotation Must Be Known

From the standpoint of the enterprise, in addition to obtaining quotations as soon as possible so that TVP funding and projects can be obtained as soon as possible, it is more important to ensure that major technological transformation plans will not end up unfinished by selecting the wrong supplier. The following are the key points of the quotation Don’t know:

One)Precision requirements:List the required functions, the number of users, the content that needs to be customized, the internal system to be connected, etc. The more careful the technical requirements, the more communication errors and omissions can be reduced. If there is no suitable IT staff in the company to assign important tasks, it is recommended to hire an external technology consultant as your project manager, and relevant expenses can be applied for technology voucher funding.

two)ClaimdemoAfter selecting the candidate list of your favorite suppliers, you should ask the other party to demonstrate Demo, and try to provide cases for reference to understand the supplier’s ability to execute the project.

three)Pay attention to the quotation details:In addition to one-time purchase or development costs, also pay attention to maintenance costs or additional expenses. Regardless of the system, web page or application, it also needs to be updated and upgraded regularly. A few are afraid of long-term calculations, and the related costs may be the devil hidden in the details.

four)Analyze the quotation:For the same quotation request, the prices quoted by different suppliers can vary greatly. Generally speaking, the more complex the functional requirements, the higher the price. However, if the supplier already has the relevant infrastructure or technology, there is no need to reinvest in development. There will be greater advantages in the quotation. When planning a project, companies should be aware of the scale and budget of the project, and don’t be led by the technology voucher supplier.

Fives)Track record reviewcheck:When you add a technology solution or system, the technology voucher supplier becomes an important partner of your company. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a thorough review of the supplier. In addition to the project execution ability, you should also pay attention to the supplier’s after-sales service, including training Service, query response speed, system update density, etc. Don’t just trust the information provided by the supplier. Cross-checking or internal trade winds are very important.

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Technology voucher quotes become a pain point

Technology voucher quotations are a pain point for many companies, because there are no IT professionals in-house to deal with it, and it is easy to make communication errors or being exploited by suppliers to greatly reduce the effectiveness of technology projects. The main goal of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) is to subsidize local SMEs in Hong Kong to develop technology services and solutions. Companies can appoint technology consultants to provide consulting services for the technology projects they apply for. Hiring a private TVP consultant can take care of TVP applications and technology voucher projects. It is already a small and medium-sized enterpriseHow to apply for 600,000 Technology VouchersThe most direct solution.

For more TVP funding options, please contact, a technology voucher consultant (+852 9867 6897)。

success case:Successful examples of technology voucher CRM

TVP Technology Voucher New Measures-Projects can be launched the next day after application

Technology voucher can start the project immediately after submitting the application

Starting from June 1, 2020, all companies applying for the technology voucher program (regardless of whether they have submitted their applications) can start the technology voucher program the day after submitting their applications. Companies that start projects before approval are required to submit a statement and letter of commitment to the Innovation and Technology Commission within 5 working days after the start of the project.

*Please note that companies must bear their own risks to carry out projects before they are successfully approved, including unsuccessful applications or insufficient funding.

Contact the technology voucher consultant TVP-HK immediately: [email protected]

Technology Voucher Scheme website:

Learn more about SUCCESS Technology Voucher Webinar

The online seminar organized by the SME Support and Consultation Center (SUCCESS) of the Trade and Industry Department: Know More About Technology Vouchers, will introduce the latest discount arrangements and application methods of TVP Technology Vouchers. Details are as follows:

  • Date-May 26, 2020
  • Time-3:30 pm-4:45 pm
  • Venue-Webinar, you will be notified after successful registration
  • Fee-free
  • Language-Cantonese
  • Speaker-Representative of Innovation and Technology Department
  • How to register-You can register on the SUCCESS website, link:

The essential technology voucher program for Work from Home

Apply for TVP subsidy upgrade system

The Work from Home mode of work brings new challenges to corporate management. Making good use of technological solutions can turn crises into opportunities. From project management, information sharing to approval procedures, as long as the process is streamlined, managers and employees can focus on core issues and add value to the company against the market.Apply for 600,000 technology vouchers to upgrade the system,The funding ratio reaches 75% of the project cost, a shortcut that SMEs must not miss.


Project management system

One of the challenges of the Home office is how to supervise employees at work instead of “playing jobs”, and to prevent project progress from being delayed due to communication errors. As long as the “project management system” is added, the problem can be solved.

Through the “Project Management System”, managers can subdivide the work into different stages, and set time limits for tasks in each stage and assign dedicated staff. Managers can track progress through the system and grasp the availability of employees. Different reports can digitize working hours and work results for easy analysis and supervision. The project management system supplier can add various functional modules, customized processes, automatic prompts and analysis reports according to the needs of the company. If the company is not familiar with how to set the process, it can ask the project management system supplier to provide industry-related information. Real cases for easy reference.

For advanced enterprise resource management, please refer to:Three Application Cases of Technology Voucher ERP


File management system

When the team wants to collaborate on files, the file management system can simplify the work process and improve work efficiency. It is also a necessary technology solution for work from home.

After the administrator creates a working group through the “document management system”, group members can process documents and related messages in the system. The document management system has become a one-stop document and message sharing platform, replacing traditional emails, which greatly saves members. Time spent composing or reviewing emails.

Other important functions of the file management system include: (1) Access files systematically, search for file locations in seconds, (2) Huge files can be easily shared (3) Track the modification records of files, and restore a certain version when needed.

When selecting a document management system supplier, pay attention to the purchase cost and rental cost. The plans and costs proposed by different document management system suppliers can vary greatly.


Digital signature system

The boss’s desk is full of documents to be signed, and when the migrant workers are in the anxiety of “waiting for signatures,” why doesn’t the boss fall into the helplessness of “getting back to the company for signatures during his busy schedule”? Under the trend of work from home, as long as the digital signing system is added, the management can issue approval orders anytime and anywhere.

The procedure of the digital signature system is very simple. When an employee sends a signature request, the manager will receive a message. As long as they sign in the browser of a computer or mobile device (with a finger, pen or mouse), the signing process is completed. Safety copies of signed documents will be sent to relevant employees and managers, and the system will also record each step and store the documents in a designated repository.

The digital signature system can set the approval path, step by step to the top management. In addition, if there is a document that is about to expire, the system will issue a reminder to the administrator to ensure that the approval process meets the requirements.


Quoting is the first step to success

The above system equipment, cloud storage services and other related project fees are also applicable to the technology voucher program funding, which involves professional technology,Quoting is the first step to success,The technology voucher consultant can be your “technology + subsidy” think tank.

Contact us now,Learn about the latest “work from home plan + technology voucher subsidy advisory service”

[Technology Voucher Program 2020] How to apply for 600,000 Technology Vouchers

The biggest optimization in the history of the 2020 technology voucher program

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was launched as a pilot project in November 2016 and lasted for 3 years. At that time, the funding limit was 200,000 yuan, which was two-thirds of the time. At the beginning of the launch, it was notoriously difficult to apply. Director Yang even questioned whether the applicant was too stupid. In fact, the government has its own language, which is not easy for companies or individuals to understand. After the official simplified application procedures, the situation has improved slightly. In February 2019, TVP will be regularized, and the funding ceiling will be doubled to 400,000, maintaining the ratio at two-thirds. Due to the increase in the silver code, it is sufficient to support general ERP (enterprise resource planning system) and Mobile Apps (mobile apps) Program). In the second half of 2019, there was an anti-amendment turmoil in Hong Kong, and Wuhan pneumonia broke out in early 2020. The Hong Kong economy was hit hard, especially in the retail and catering industries. Therefore, the Hong Kong government has launched a series of rescue measures to support enterprises and ensure employment. One of them is positive. It is the technology voucher plan to increase the upper limit from 400,000 to 600,000, and increase the ratio to three-quarters (75%). In other words, companies can upgrade their technology systems at a 25% discount.

Know more about procedures:Apply for 600,000 technology voucher to upgrade technology system

3 simple steps to apply for technology voucher TVP

Although long-term technology investment is used to help the immediate operational crisis, it seems that the water is far away from the fire, but there are always many companies with sound foundations and plan to be in the low market.Upgrade technology system,On the one hand, the price may be cheaper. On the other hand, it is easier to change in a low market than in a busy one. It is more practical to spend more energy on business in a good market. Now that the government has such good intentions, business owners and management who intend to take advantage of the weak market to upgrade should see if the technology voucher TVP can help you, keep some cash, and prepare to play again after the epidemic.

To successfully apply for technology voucher, there are 3 important steps:

  1. Choose the right technology solution for the company’s existing problems
  2. Follow the application guidelines and quotation procedures to search for suppliers
  3. Respond promptly to related questions of the Innovation and Technology Commission

Now explain the key points and error-prone points of each step one by one.


Step 1-Dismantling corporate issues and choosing technology solutions

The original intention of the Technology Voucher Program is to encourage companies to solve problems through technology solutions, so first of all, we mustAnalyze the company itself,And propose the required changes, which can be quantitative or qualitative changes. In terms of quantitative changes, traditional companies may often use human hands to settle settlements or deal with customer relationships, often causing human errors or failing to effectively control quality. The emergence of technological systems can reduce the risk of errors and improve operational efficiency. In terms of qualitative change, for example, traditional retail stores do not have an online store system. To survive the social changes in recent years, they must start from scratch and start to switch to them.Online shopOperating. Please remember that the technology system is superior to humans in its powerful automation functions, memory and calculations. If a company has a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be executed accurately, this means that the company has a lot of room to upgrade its technology system.

Knowing exactly the company’s own problems is very important for future choice of technology solutions or for responding to the issues of the Innovation and Technology Agency. The system cannot do for the sake of doing it. The purpose of the system is quite straightforward, which is to solve or alleviate existing problems. When you understand the problem, you must choose a plan. For example, if a company often requires colleagues to meet to report on the progress of the work, it obviously needs a set ofERP system,As long as colleagues update the work progress in the system, the relevant departments will be notified and viewed, reducing wasteful meetings.

TVP-hk Technology Voucher Advisor is familiar with the functions and functions of various technology systems. If you have any questions about technology systems, we can help you.

understand more:Successful examples of technology voucher

Step 2-write project proposal and receive written quotation

After selecting the required technology system, a project proposal should be written. Please note that this proposal is not a common business proposal in the business sector, but is funded by the government.Application document. According to the “Technology Voucher Application Guidelines”Judging criteria,The proposed project must be business-related, and the implementation details of the project must be feasible and reasonable, and a reasonable budget. Therefore, the proposal must explain clearly how the system solution can improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise, and explain the implementation details in detail, including time required and testing methods.

To prove that the budget is reasonable, the easiest way is to find enough written quotations in the market. Since technology coupons cost public money, the quotations need to meet the standardsQuotation procedure,The purpose is to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to support the fairness and justice of the prices, and to ensure that public funds are used properly. If the applicant company fails to find a technology supplier, the TVP-hk technology coupon intermediary service can refer you to the most suitable and well-documented oneTechnology Voucher Supplier


Step 3-Explain the rationale for the proposal and the response needs to be timely

After completing the above steps, you can submit the application documents through the technology voucher website. Generally speaking, the Innovation and Technology Commission will ask at least one or two questions (the fastest record for applying for technology voucher is 13 working days, but it is estimated that the application items are quite simple), mainly for The implementation details and application of the proposed project are the reasons why the applicant company should think clearly about the relevant issues in the first step. Please also note that if the applicant company fails to respond in a timely manner, the authorities will send a reminder email, and the application will be abandoned if it fails to answer three times.

At this moment, the employees of the Technology Voucher Office are still working from home to a certain extent, and the backlog of applications in March has been delayed until April to obtain a higher funding ratio.,TVP consultantI believe it will take longer to apply for technology voucher now than before. If companies need to use the TVP upgrade system to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, please contact TVP-hk immediately (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

Online marketing strategy: 4 ways to optimize user experience

Online marketing strategy: 4 ways to optimize user experience

The new crown virus is raging against brick-and-mortar merchants, but online marketing has become fierce. The “stay-at-home consumption” model spawned by citizens staying at home has fully stimulated e-commerce business opportunities in clothing, food, housing and transportation. When consumers are constantly using the phone to search for consumer choices and optimize The customer experience while browsing the web can not only retain customers, but also improve sales performance. The subsidy amount of the Technology Voucher Scheme is up to HK$600,000 per SME, making good use ofHK$600,000 technology voucher subsidy,Fully open up the road to success in online marketing.


1) Technical SEO page ranking vying for the first

Setting up a corporate website or eshop for a business is the first step in digital marketing. When customers search for consumer options on the Internet, they will have the opportunity to see your information.

Businesses of all sizes are also competing for network exposure. To gain the top position in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, they must first pay attention to the Technical SEO (Technical Search Engine Optimization) of the page when creating a web page. Technical SEO starts from the structure of the website, and pays attention to meaningful links between pages, web page image processing, etc., and excludes the influence of search rankings due to technical problems of the website. Web design companies are familiar with Technical SEO. On the contrary, web pages designed on the DIY platform of the website may not meet the requirements of Technical SEO. Choosing an experienced web design company allows you to win a battle first in the online search competition.

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2) Online customer service system  Interactive promotion

Digital marketing attaches great importance to customer experience, and online customer service systems can optimize customers’ browsing and consumption journeys. Communication software such as chatbot and livechat can instantly respond to customer inquiries without waiting for customer messages, so it can capture fleeting consumer desires and increase order conversion rates.

If you use chatbot, the online store can first draw up answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers, and the web design company will use relevant content to customize the chatbot’s response. Livechat can be used by multiple customer service personnel to answer customer queries online. Managers can manage the number of visitors and customer service personnel account management settings in the system background.


3) Customer management system to create consumption incentives

The CRM system (customer management system) connects with the online shop and becomes an important marketing tool. When the customer completes the shopping process, relevant shopping records, customer points and other information will be imported into the CRM in real time. CRM is a complete customer management system. Through marketing strategies such as membership grading, bonus points for gifts, or consumer rewards, it not only increases customer loyalty to the online store, but also facilitates targeted promotions.

In addition, CRM allows you to view various marketing data, analyze customer preferences, and then directly send different offers to different customer groups, so as to achieve maximum profitability with a pricing strategy. CRM can be further connected to the inventory system (Inventory Management System), so that the cargo storage can be updated simultaneously, and the operational efficiency can be improved.

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4) VR experience catches the eye

In the fiercely competitive digital world, it is no longer possible to capture the eye with photos alone. VR technology (Virtual Reality/Chinese translation: virtual reality technology) is rapidly spreading in the world of e-commerce, furniture stores, interior design companies, jewelry stores, and online real estate. Intermediaries and others have added VR to web pages to create imagination with virtual images to impress customers.

The high maturity of VR technology can help lower project costs. TVP technology voucher subsidies provide up to 75% of eligible technology voucher projects. It also encourages companies to rush to attract customers with new experiences and grab the first pot of gold.


Make good use of technology vouchers to finance e-commerce

To successfully develop e-commerce, you can make good use of the TVP technology voucher 600,000 subsidy to integrate online shops (eShop), customer management systems (CRM), sales management systems (POS), inventory management systems (Inventory Management System) and even network security systems Upgrade together. The funding ratio of technology voucher reaches 75% of the technology voucher project, which means that enterprises only need to pay 25% of the project to open up the digital market with technology solutions.

Enterprise transformation emphasizes efficiency. Technology voucher funding application and technology voucher project management are done by the technology voucher consultant, who can provide you with the best plan, and the funding and transformation are under your control.

We provide technology voucher advisory services for different industries,examples of successBecome a guarantee of confidence.

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