The technology voucher plan is increased to 600,000 yuan, the first step in the successful quotation of Yanyan

From April 1, 2020, the TVP funding limit for technology voucher will be increased from 400,000 to 600,000, and the funding ratio will be increased to 75%. For example, a technology project with a cost of 400,000 yuan will receive 300,000 government funding. Imagine that you can have a system worth 400,000 yuan with only 100,000 yuan, which can improve the company’s operating efficiency and reduce costs and risks. It is indeed very attractive.

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However, many companies are often only attracted by the amount of 600,000 yuan, but they have not seen the actual needs. As a result, they are doing it and lacking various supporting facilities. If they do not provide training for their employees, they will eventually gain something but useless; even more bumpy. It is because of unsatisfactory people who find a technology supplier with a bad intention, and the project is not completed. It can be said that he lost his wife and broke down.

After all, find suitable and reputable suppliers and provide suitableTechnology Voucher Quotation,This is the correct first step to apply for technology voucher. The quality of the supplier directly affects the progress of the project. Only when the project is completed on time and in quantity can the company benefit from the benefits of technology as scheduled, and smoothly receive the entire technology voucher funding.

The important role of technology voucher suppliers directly affects funding opportunities

According to the Technology Voucher Application Guidelines of the Innovation and Technology Commission, the supplier’s no bad record is one of the key considerations. Generally speaking, bad records refer to poor service provided to the government and institutions in the past, or bad credit records (as the saying goes, “bad TU”), or even bid-rigging. As a customer, it is impossible to know the supplier’s track record clearly. In the unlikely event that the wrong supplier is selected, even how the entire application process is correct will greatly affect the chances of successful application for funding.

Furthermore, the Innovation and Technology Agency will raise questions about the information including the quotation. If the supplier fails to provide timely support, responding to the IIT related questions within the deadline will be regarded as abandoning the application. Customers of technology systems generally do not understand products, so technology system supply is a very conscientious industry.

There are many quotation traps in the science and technology system.

If you have tried to decorate an office or shop, you will know that there are many pitfalls in quotation, and technology system quotation also has this problem. Some unscrupulous technology system suppliers will excuse some vague terms in certain terms, and sales representatives may make verbal promises. However, there is no record in black and white. In addition, the supplier knows that ordinary customers do not know much about the specifications of technology projects, and deliberately add a lot of minor specifications to the quotation, in order to confuse the audience. The client thought that the report could be submitted after the project was completed. The IIT found that there was no relevant part of the system until each clause was checked, but at this time it was difficult to recover the balance. If the application is successful but not funded, it will seriously affect the company’s cash flow and even Normal operation.

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Backed by technology matching platform, technology voucher consultants show their strength

Some technology voucher consulting companies on the market are solely responsible for application, but they don’t know much about technology and IT matters, nor do they have a network of technology suppliers. If customers encounter problems with technology applications, it is difficult to accurately respond and provide assistance. The TVP-hk technology voucher consultants cooperate with different technology matching platforms to understand the customer’s situation in detail before applying, and then match a number of suitable suppliers for customers to choose, to ensure that the suppliers are honest and reliable, have no bad records, and can provide clear information. ?’S written offer. We believe that professional technology voucher consultants should be able to assist clients until they receive funding. The technology voucher program has been increased to 600,000, regardless of whether you already have a technology solution, TVP-hk technology voucher consultants can provide assistance. To understand how technology solutions can enhance your business competitiveness, whether you are eligible for technology voucher applications, andTechnology Voucher Application Process,Please contact TVP-hk now (+852 9867 6897 or [email protected])

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