Online marketing strategy: 4 ways to optimize user experience

Online marketing strategy: 4 ways to optimize user experience

The new crown virus is raging against brick-and-mortar merchants, but online marketing has become fierce. The “stay-at-home consumption” model spawned by citizens staying at home has fully stimulated e-commerce business opportunities in clothing, food, housing and transportation. When consumers are constantly using the phone to search for consumer choices and optimize The customer experience while browsing the web can not only retain customers, but also improve sales performance. The subsidy amount of the Technology Voucher Scheme is up to HK$600,000 per SME, making good use ofHK$600,000 technology voucher subsidy,Fully open up the road to success in online marketing.


1) Technical SEO page ranking vying for the first

Setting up a corporate website or eshop for a business is the first step in digital marketing. When customers search for consumer options on the Internet, they will have the opportunity to see your information.

Businesses of all sizes are also competing for network exposure. To gain the top position in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, they must first pay attention to the Technical SEO (Technical Search Engine Optimization) of the page when creating a web page. Technical SEO starts from the structure of the website, and pays attention to meaningful links between pages, web page image processing, etc., and excludes the influence of search rankings due to technical problems of the website. Web design companies are familiar with Technical SEO. On the contrary, web pages designed on the DIY platform of the website may not meet the requirements of Technical SEO. Choosing an experienced web design company allows you to win a battle first in the online search competition.

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2) Online customer service system  Interactive promotion

Digital marketing attaches great importance to customer experience, and online customer service systems can optimize customers’ browsing and consumption journeys. Communication software such as chatbot and livechat can instantly respond to customer inquiries without waiting for customer messages, so it can capture fleeting consumer desires and increase order conversion rates.

If you use chatbot, the online store can first draw up answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers, and the web design company will use relevant content to customize the chatbot’s response. Livechat can be used by multiple customer service personnel to answer customer queries online. Managers can manage the number of visitors and customer service personnel account management settings in the system background.


3) Customer management system to create consumption incentives

The CRM system (customer management system) connects with the online shop and becomes an important marketing tool. When the customer completes the shopping process, relevant shopping records, customer points and other information will be imported into the CRM in real time. CRM is a complete customer management system. Through marketing strategies such as membership grading, bonus points for gifts, or consumer rewards, it not only increases customer loyalty to the online store, but also facilitates targeted promotions.

In addition, CRM allows you to view various marketing data, analyze customer preferences, and then directly send different offers to different customer groups, so as to achieve maximum profitability with a pricing strategy. CRM can be further connected to the inventory system (Inventory Management System), so that the cargo storage can be updated simultaneously, and the operational efficiency can be improved.

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4) VR experience catches the eye

In the fiercely competitive digital world, it is no longer possible to capture the eye with photos alone. VR technology (Virtual Reality/Chinese translation: virtual reality technology) is rapidly spreading in the world of e-commerce, furniture stores, interior design companies, jewelry stores, and online real estate. Intermediaries and others have added VR to web pages to create imagination with virtual images to impress customers.

The high maturity of VR technology can help lower project costs. TVP technology voucher subsidies provide up to 75% of eligible technology voucher projects. It also encourages companies to rush to attract customers with new experiences and grab the first pot of gold.


Make good use of technology vouchers to finance e-commerce

To successfully develop e-commerce, you can make good use of the TVP technology voucher 600,000 subsidy to integrate online shops (eShop), customer management systems (CRM), sales management systems (POS), inventory management systems (Inventory Management System) and even network security systems Upgrade together. The funding ratio of technology voucher reaches 75% of the technology voucher project, which means that enterprises only need to pay 25% of the project to open up the digital market with technology solutions.

Enterprise transformation emphasizes efficiency. Technology voucher funding application and technology voucher project management are done by the technology voucher consultant, who can provide you with the best plan, and the funding and transformation are under your control.

We provide technology voucher advisory services for different industries,examples of successBecome a guarantee of confidence.

To know more about technology voucher, contact TVP-hk technology voucher consultant immediately (+852 6219 1703).

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