Epidemic has spawned takeaway culture, food stores rely on technology to survive

The new crown pneumonia not only changes the shopping habits of citizens, but also creates a new dining habit in a short period of time. The takeaway and online shopping markets are developing rapidly, and food stores that can cooperate with physical store operations with technological solutions will have a higher survival rate in the epidemic market and after the epidemic. In addition to the takeaway ordering system that has become a popular system for restaurants, the IoT food chain group is also on the rise. Regardless of upgrading and transformation or innovating business routes, as long as you purchase technology services or solutions, the relevant expenses are eligible to apply for technology voucher, up to HK$600,000TVP Technology Voucher FundingHelp upgrade.


Hot pot restaurant launches ingredient takeaway set menu, business rebounds by 60%

Under the gloom of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, citizens have reduced their eating out. After the “side stove family” was diagnosed, hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants and other restaurants were the first to bear the brunt, and the transformation to takeaway was almost the only way out. Some hot pot restaurants rushed to push the ingredients and soup base to take out set menus. In March, business rebounded from the bottom, up 60% from January and February. Due to changes in the business model, the hot pot restaurant has reduced the expenses necessary for dine-in operations, including the replacement of manpower by the take-away order meal system, which will reduce major operating costs in the long run.

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The hot pot restaurant has changed from dine-in to take-out. The front desk transformation is relatively simple. You only need to arrange self-pick-up or place an order to deliveroo, foodpanda and other food-ordering platforms after receiving the order on FB or Whatsapp. On the contrary, the food restaurant’s take-out ordering system is Restaurants must handle the back-office packages carefully. Food delivery always has busy hours. If delays or missing orders cause business losses or customer dissatisfaction, it is definitely not a trivial matter for today’s restaurants.


Takeaway POS system reduces errors and omissions, a must for restaurant upgrades

The takeaway system belongs to the POS system of the restaurant, which improves the operating efficiency of the restaurant, reduces the workload and improves the accuracy of the work. After the restaurant establishes the menu in the backend of the POS system, when customers place an order, they only need to press the button on the display screen of the POS system to reduce errors and omissions caused by human handwriting orders. The POS system will track orders from the moment the order is placed to prevent missing orders. . The POS system can track the inventory and sales performance of food. When the food is out of stock, it will be marked in the POS system to optimize the ordering process. In addition, providing accounting information, sales data, business reports and other data is also an important function of the POS system. It saves accounting manpower, but allows chain restaurant owners to understand the performance of each branch at a glance.

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Catering group expands the new trend of IoT diet in the epidemic market

Some food and beverage groups see the opportunity to expand their territory, and through high-end IT solutions, prepare to establish an IoT food kingdom with O2O + F2C (Factory to Consumer) in a short period of time. The group combines the catering industry with IT, uses artificial intelligence to record the eating habits of diners and perform calculations, and finally arrive at a choice that suits the diners’ desires. The group provides a one-stop service for diners from ingredients and cooking. In addition to dine-in food, the food cooked in the food factory can also be taken out, as if the chef took care of the whole process. According to reports, in addition to opening a new branch in Tsim Sha Tsui, the group has also leased a number of busy ground shops to expand the IT catering kingdom.


600,000 Technology Voucher Funding, Food Stores Transformation in Time

Regardless of popular POS systems, ordering systems or take-out systems, or early new operational strategies, as long as the purchased technology services or solutions can effectively improve operational efficiency, you will be eligible to apply for technology voucher, and the government will help you The technology voucher project provides funding of up to HK$600,000, and the project funding ratio is up to 75%. For restaurants eager to transform, it is a timely rain.

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Technology voucher consultant dismantled application for technical position TVP project launched quickly

To be successful in technology voucher projects, technical personnel must not only apply for technology voucher funding in a short time, but also pay attention to experience and IT expertise in the procurement process of technology voucher projects, the quotation of technology voucher suppliers, and the management of technology voucher projects. For example, under what circumstances can technology voucher purchases of computers be subsidized? Handing over to a technology voucher consultant can solve the problem of Yiluoluo, allowing you to focus on the upgrade and transformation of the store.

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