5 cold knowledge about TVP technology coupons

Know more about technology vouchers

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) can be applied for up to 6 times from April 1, 2020. The funding ceiling will be increased from 400,000 to 600,000, and the funding ratio will be increased from 67% to 75%. Most companies only apply for technology voucher once or twice, so some small knowledge may be unknown, but these are often overlooked, but it will affect the application opportunities and even the qualifications. Now we wait for the professional technology voucher consultant TVP- You know the hk words, 5 cold knowledge about technology coupons.


1) Open a few more companies and cannot exceed the 600,000 limit

There may be free lunches in the world, but there will never be twice. The applicant company needs to disclose the identity of the ultimate natural person shareholder, and if two companies have natural person shareholders who share more than 30% of the equity, they are regarded as affiliated companies and will be jointly calculated for cumulative funding, that is, if one of the companies has received 350,000 funding , The other company only has a funding of 250,000, so even if a person opens 100 wholly-owned companies, or holds multiple holdings or offshore companies, they can only get a total of 600,000 funding.


2) If the number of technology voucher quotes is insufficient, you can successfully apply

It is often said along the way that there are 3 quotations for less than 300,000 yuan, and 5 quotations for more than 300,000 yuan. However, if there are not enough quotations, you can apply for technology coupons. The conditions are that there are sufficient reasons. What is a sufficient reason? For example, the relevant system is unique, but it is also necessary to explain why the relevant system is irreplaceable, or its own system is 100% customized. This technology voucher application is based on its existing system Optimizing, so only the original technology bond suppliers can make quotations. These are all sufficient reasons.


3) Preliminary funding for technology vouchers is in vain

Although the Technology Voucher Program will provide an initial grant of 25% of the funding amount from December 1, 2019, because applicants need to set up a separate bank account for only the use of technology vouchers, very few companies will really ask for the initial funding. This move can refer to the original arrangement of the BUD special fund. What is interesting is that the BUD special fund has cancelled the relevant arrangements from January 20, 2020, and it is only necessary to use the main shareholder as a personal guarantee, and only for applications with a cumulative subsidy of more than 1 million. The enterprise only takes effect.


4) The original technology vouchers all fund testing and certification

According to the technology voucher application guidelines, if the application of technology systems requires energy management system (ISO 50001), environmental management system (ISO 14001) and information security management system (ISO/IEC 27001) testing and certification, all fees can be applied for technology voucher funding. Other ISO certifications can be funded as long as they have sufficient justifications. There are 3 ISO cases, which are relatively unpopular funding projects, but they are all in line with the funding principles of the Technology Voucher Program.


5) The application for unpopular technology voucher turned out to be so cold

There are many examples of the scope of funding for the technology voucher program, but there are always many types of technology systems, and the list cannot list all the possibilities. For example, a medical institution once applied for technology voucher to install a temperature monitoring system to ensure that drugs are properly stored in low temperatures. Since the launch of TVP2016, there has been only one case. This also proves that even if the proposed system is not popular, as long as there is sufficient justification, that is, the project and the business are reasonably related and the budget is in line with the market price, it is possible to successfully apply for technology voucher funding.

Since the technology voucher will be increased in April, we expect that there will be a large number of applications submitted by then. To apply successfully and smoothly, we must first ensure that the documents are sufficient and justified to reduce the number of repetitions. At the same time, we must respond quickly to the Innovation and Technology Commission’s questions. TVP-hk Technology Voucher Consulting Company has rich experience, no charge if it fails. To learn more about technology voucher advisory services, please contact TVP-hk (+852 6219 1703)

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