Apply for the Technology Voucher Plan Lazy Pack

In recent years, the Innovation and Technology Fund has set up a technology voucher subsidy program to help small and medium-sized enterprises upgrade and transform. However, the application procedures for most government funds are repeated and the application time is long, which discourages many companies. We provide this technology voucher lazy bag, so that you can clear all the difficulties in applying for technology voucher.

Can I apply for technology voucher(TVP)?

The eligibility for application is very simple, as long as the following two are enough:
1: Registered in Hong Kong under the “Business Registration Ordinance”
2: The company must have substantial business operations in Hong Kong, that is, it can provide business receipts。(Excluding listed companies)

Apply for Technology Voucher(TVP)Do you have to hire a consulting company?

Not necessarily, but a technology consulting company can help you:

  1. Understand the problems of existing technology solutions and provide you with suggestions for new technology solutions;
  2. Understand the budget of the new plan, so you have no worries;
  3. Very familiar with the application procedures and procedures of technology voucher, helping you to apply for the funding amount of technology voucher as quickly as possible;

What is the job of a technology voucher consultant company?

Technology Voucher Consultants generally include the following tasks:

  1. Understand the current difficulties faced by the company, so as to evaluate the feasibility of various plans and suggest appropriate solutions。
  2. Evaluate whether it is possible to apply for funding from the Innovation and Technology Fund based on the customer’s productivity plan, and assist eligible companies to prepare various funding documents, plans, etc.。
  3. Coordinating the entire project development, including understanding the development progress of suppliers, collating funding application documents, financial auditing, etc.。
  4. Assist in preparing the acceptance report and help the company to obtain the funding amount as soon as possible。

Will the Technology Voucher Project support existing projects include brand promotion projects??

Technology Voucher (TVP) does not include all marketing techniques, marketing and brand promotion items. Most of the projects supported by technology vouchers are related to productivity-enhancing services, which are used to subsidize companies to purchase technology software solutions, such as: websites, apps, appointment arrangements and queue management systems, big data and cloud analysis solutions, and logistics systems , Retail Management System, Document Management and Mobile Access System, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc. These systems can be used by enterprises continuously and for a long time, and can reduce human resources。

Can existing equipment or newly purchased projects apply for funding??

The purchase, repair and maintenance, warranty and insurance of existing equipment are not included in the funding scope of the technology voucher. In addition, the funding of technology voucher will not cover expenditures incurred before the project is approved or outside the project period.。

The company has participated in other government funding programs, can it still participate in the technology voucher program??

For the same project, the company cannot apply for other public funding programs at the same time, unless it is proved that the company has withdrawn from other public funding programs, but the company can apply for other programs for different projects. If the application for other programs fails, the technology voucher is still accepted。

Can I choose a product or service with a higher price when I apply for a technology voucher??

Unless approved by the Innovation and Technology Commission, based on the principle of openness, fairness and competitiveness, all procurement contracts for goods or services should be awarded to the supplier with the lowest quotation。

If only one supplier or manufacturer can provide tailor-made services or machines

What can I do if there are more than two quotations?

If there is only one supplier or manufacturer, you need to specify the reason why you cannot provide more than two quotations, such as why he is the only supplier in the market。
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