Beware of the pitfalls of quotation from technology bond suppliers

TVP technology voucher funding has strict requirements on the procurement process of technology projects, which is also one of the necessary conditions for successful application of technology voucher. Many SME customers report that the technology voucher quotation process is their biggest pain point. This article will introduce the documents related to the quotation of technology voucher suppliers and the matters that must be paid special attention to, because if negligence and omission, it will not only affect your technology voucher application, but also more likely Extension of legal risks. The following information is for reference only and does not constitute any legal advice. If necessary, TVP-hk.comTechnology Voucher AdvisorCan recommend familiar lawyers.

1) Written offer

The Technology Voucher Program requires applicants to meet the corresponding minimum number of quotations based on the project cost, and all quotations must be written quotations. If the number of quotations does not meet the minimum requirements, it will affect the approval process or even cause the application to be returned. If the technology required by the project makes it difficult for the applicant to obtain sufficient supplier quotations in the market, please carefully consider other feasible alternatives or make efforts within the plan. Chen reason.

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2) With good faith clause and anti-bidding commitment

In addition to submitting the quotation form of the technology bond supplier, the applicant must also require the technology bond supplier to sign the “Probity Clause” (Probity) and the “Non-collusion Clause” (also known as the non-collusion clause, non-collusion clause) for each written quotation. ). In addition, relevant parties (ie owners, shareholders, management or their relatives or persons involved in the quotation process, etc.) of the technology voucher applicant enterprise are not allowed to participate in the bidding, that is, the technology voucher quotation provider must have nothing to do with the applicant enterprise. According to the Competition Ordinance, each supplier of technology securities should make an independent quotation to ensure that the price is set through fair competition. Violation of the above regulations may result in civil and criminal liabilities

3) Review supplier records

The plan clearly states that one of the four major criteria for approving technology voucher applications is the past record of the technology voucher provider. If the technology voucher service provider has a bad record, it will affect the approval result. Therefore, when applying for a technology voucher project quotation, applicants It is necessary to carefully review the past performance of service providers and screen out bad suppliers.

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Although companies can obtain government funding up to 2/3 of the project cost through technology voucher applications (the total amount of technology voucher funding for each company is HK$400,000), if the wrong technology voucher supplier is selected, the company will have to face a bad plan/ Bad system. A professional technology bond consulting company can reduce the risk and cost of matching technology bond suppliers for you. 

TVP-hk.comThe team of senior technology voucher consultants has a good record of assisting 100% of different industries to successfully apply for technology voucher. From professional technology plan consultation, practical work of technology voucher quotation to supplier review, the whole process is followed up by dedicated personnel. Customers can even link to high-quality suppliers through our technology voucher supplier database to reduce related administrative costs and time.

To know more about technology voucher, if you have any questions about applying for TVP technology voucher, or want to get to know the technology voucher supplier through our network, please contact technology voucher consultant immediately (+852 6219 1703)。

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