Know more about technology voucher:Omni-channel Marketing increases purchase rate by 250%

O2OIn this era, buyers are pursuing a more personalized consumer experience,Omni-channel MarketingThe strategy can create a higher participation rate, purchase rate and customer retention rate, yesO2O(Opening online stores and physical stores) Marketing is the key.Omni-channel MarketingIt needs the cooperation of technological solutions to provide online and offline channels(channel)A seamless consumer experience.CRMCustomer management system, automated marketing system and data analysis system, etc.Omni-channel MarketingTechnology solutions can be applied toTVPTechnology VoucherTVPKnow more about technology vouchers, up toHK$60Million fundingO2ODigital marketing road.

Omni-channel MarketingAlso known as “omni-channel marketing”, inMarketing funnelUnder the concept of “Buyer-oriented”, create online and offline cross-channels(channel)path,Allow buyers to smoothly receive customized information. according to2018Marketing activities of the yeardataanalysis,Use three or more channels to promote(Omni-channel Marketing),No matter in terms of engagement, purchase rate or average consumption, the data is much brighter than single-channel marketing:

Omni-channel Marketing Single-channel Marketing
Participation 18.96% 5.4%
Purchase rate Omni-channel Marketing 250% higher than Single-channel Marketing
Average consumption Omni-channel Marketing 13% higher than Single-channel Marketing

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O2O Omni-channel Marketingexample:

Through examples, we can better understand Omni-channel MarketingHow the technology solution integrates consumer data from different channels, and through automated marketing, allows marketing information to be seamlessly delivered to buyers.

1) The buyer saw a promotion on the e-commerce platform and placed an order. He received a box of goods with physical store information, online store QR code, and a limited-time online store welcome coupon code. As long as he signs up as a member, he can get discounts.

2) The buyer registered as a member in the online store and also checked the “Sweet Goods”. Although there is no purchase, the online store can still record the buyer’s browsing behavior for future

3) After that, the buyer was browsingIGFByoutubenews portal etc.,Both “re-encounter” the “desirable goods” he once clicked. Product photos, promotion, introduction videos, etc., push buyers into the marketing funnel through different online channels.

4) Then, other users’ shared posts and selected collections are pushed to the buyers one by one. Finally, the online store’s automatic email system will bring the buyers to the physical store with a “limited time welcome gift”.

5) Buyers went to the physical store to exchange for gifts and bought “desirable goods” along the way, and the shopping behavior also triggered anothertransactional email(Automatic email) to inform him that his membership accumulation plan has been activated, and the latest points will be displayed.

From the above example,Omni-channel MarketingConvert the initial e-commerce platform order into your direct buyer, and let you identify the buyer journey with more real buyer data. In addition, marketing information is continuously pushed to buyers from various online and offline channels, which not only does not annoy buyers, but allows them to complete the tasks of the buyer’s journey naturally and smoothly.

Omni-channel MarketingTechnology Solution:

RWDOnline store design and mobile application APP are important contact points between merchants and buyers, through the background settings and application program interface(API)connectionCRMThe customer management system and other systems can achieve automated processes and promote omni-channel marketing. For example, an automated email system can enable thousands of promotional emails to follow the buyer’s needs and send them in a timely manner without the need for additional manual processing. Of course, other marketing activities are also handled by the automated system, so that massive amounts of marketing data can be processed in seconds.

Just buyOmni-channel MarketingTechnology solutions can make information promotion and customer management become automatic and uninterrupted under the fixed labor cost of marketing personnel, and technology solutions can be flexibly expanded with the scale of the business to meet the cost management requirements of digital marketing.

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TVPValue-added solutions of science and technology securities consultants:

To be executedOmni-channel MarketingTechnological solutions, you can first set up a roadmap, fully understand the functions and limitations of the company’s own system at the planning stage, and collect them in the marketOmni-channel MarketingTechnological solution providers, prices and related solutions, and analyze the options that can meet the company’s marketing needs and budget. It’s important to note that ready-madeOmni-channel MarketingTechnology systems often need to be customized(customized)orAPI,Therefore, IT professionals are required to assist from quotation to execution, not just marketing personnel.

Even without internal IT staff, it is still easy to successfully apply for TVP technology voucher.TVP-hk.comTechnology Voucher Advisor can be your private technology+Funding think tanks, from the quotation of technology voucher suppliers, the administration of technology voucher applications, the implementation and management of technology voucher projects, the project and funding are quickly completed, and we are the first to seize the digital marketing opportunities.

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