mPOS system is subverting the sales model

mPOS system is subverting the sales model

In the face of online store competition, physical retail stores must seize business opportunities and make good use of technology to optimize shopping experience is one of the keys. mPOS (Mobile Sales System) solves the pain points of traditional payment models—the cashier takes up space and the payment bottleneck causes business loss. mPOS is flying fast on the road to meet the consumption model of the new generation, and will change the mode of operation of the retail industry. TVP Technology Vouchers can help you purchase an mPOS system, with an amount up to HK400,000.

mPOS allows the cash register function to follow the mobile device. The clerk uses a smart phone or tablet as a credit card acquiring device. They only need to download the relevant APPS and install the card reader provided by the supplier, and then they can swipe the card or insert the card through the chip. Provide store credit card payment service. mPOS encrypts the transaction, and the device itself cannot record cardholder information, so the security is very high.

TVP Technology Voucher Teaching:APP-based POS system that retail industry must know

An mPOS system installed in a physical store can free up space previously used as a cashier and speed up the payment process. The mPOS system is particularly suitable for POP-up stores, impromptu consumption/promotion activities, shops with small store areas or shops with fast customer turnover.

Payment methods such as contactless payment and mobile wallets are becoming more and more popular, and consumers are less and less tolerant of payment time. Long queues or payment time will scare consumers away, but the mPOS system can meet the consumption patterns of the new generation. In addition, the mPOS system operates in the cloud mode, and the entry cost or maintenance cost is much lower than that of traditional POS. According to operational needs, mPOS can operate independently (just connect to the company’s bank account) or become part of a larger traditional POS system.

Adding mPOS system or other technology upgrade projects can benefit fromTVP Technology Voucher Program. If you successfully apply for a TVP technology voucher, 2/3 of the project cost can be subsidized by the government (capped at HK400,000). For POS system supplier support, technology voucher consulting service or technology voucher project management, please contact technology voucher consultant for free consultation.(+852 6219 1703)

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