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The marketing automation funnel is a marketing concept that digital marketing must learn. From understanding the buyer’s shopping journey to using automated marketing tools to address the needs of buyers at different stages, incorporating buyers into your marketing network, and then advancing to the bottom of the marketing funnel Finish shopping at the end. Automated email, SEO, e-newsletter, CRM and other automated marketing tools can speed up the process of the marketing funnel. Through the system presets, after detecting specific actions of consumers, automatic marketing can be carried out in real time. To open an online store to upgrade the marketing automation plan, you canApply for HK$600,000 TVP Technology Voucher,The funding ratio reaches 75% of the project.

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Marketing automation tools combined with the buyer journey:

The buyer’s journey can be divided into three stages: detection, consideration, and decision-making. The marketing automation funnel is aimed at buyers at different stages, using automated marketing tools to carry out a spiral marketing strategy, from casting the net to closing the net, in order to personalize the pursuit. Marketing strategy to improve the conversion rate at each stage.


Top of the marketing funnel: awareness (awareness)

Consumers perceive that they have an interest, desire or demand for a certain product. They will search for relevant information on the Internet and enter your marketing network from different channels. Of course, they will also find your opponent in the same way. How to get ahead of them Let him realize that the uniqueness of your brand or service will be the focus of marketing at this stage.

“Solving Pain Points”, “Brand Uniqueness”, and “Product Benefits” are all methods for consumers to arouse brand awareness. Automated marketing solutions at this stage include automatic social media postings and e-news. In addition to providing consumers with useful service/product information, they also absorb consumer information from different channels for the next stage of marketing.

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The middle level of the marketing funnel: consideration(Consideration)

Consumers who enter the “consideration stage” begin to refine their expectations for the product, and they are very likely to become your ultimate buyers. Marketing at this stage should be based on a personalized strategy. The consumer preferences collected from the previous stage (Awareness) are used to develop personalized e-mail promotion through automated marketing tools.

The automated email system can send accurate messages to potential consumers by setting sending rules and content options, and grasp the favorable position that influences consumers’ decisions in the “consideration stage”.


The bottom of the marketing funnel: decision making(Decision)

Consumers entering the decision-making stage will make a final decision after comparing various product options. To hit consumers in the decision-making stage with a single hit, it is necessary to launch an accurate and intensive advertising campaign. Since advertisements must be placed on different platforms at a high frequency, it is very important to optimize the click-through rate and conversion rate. Take high ROI as the principle.


Ad delivery automation tools can use algorithms to design ad pictures or video and audio to increase ad click-through rates. Automated tools for advertising data analysis can also integrate Facebook, Instagram, and GA back-end data to help formulate accurate advertising plans (e.g. Distribution group, keywords or advertising budget, etc.).


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Value-added solutions of technology voucher consultants

The above is an introduction to how marketing automation tools can quickly pull consumers from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom, making him your buyer. Many online stores have already joined the ranks of automated marketing.


You can apply for technology voucher funding for purchasing automated marketing programs, and the government will provide up to 75% of the funding for your technology upgrade project. Successfully apply for the technology voucher subsidy, and the maximum subsidy amount of HK$600,000 can be obtained.


There are many key points for technology voucher applications, and the procurement process of technology voucher suppliers is the key to success or failure. Many small and medium-sized enterprises lack an IT department and even write technology voucher quotations with half the effort. It is important to know that the technology voucher project involves a large number of professional terms, program management and function definitions. The unfinished technology voucher project due to the unknown quotation will not be worth the loss. And another problem that generally hinders technology voucher applicants is “The quotation of the technology voucher project cannot be read“Because when technology voucher providers are not fully confident of winning jobs, or think that the company’s quotations are not comprehensive, most of them are unwilling to waste time “teaching customers”, and quotations for procedural technology voucher projects are the prerequisite for successful application of technology voucher. One of the conditions. technology voucher consultant can become your private technology + funding think tank, we believe thatEnterprises understand their own problems and get twice the result with half the effort to apply for technology voucher,From the quotation of technology voucher suppliers, the administration of technology voucher applications, and the implementation and management of technology voucher projects, it is necessary to ensure that funding is completed quickly and the projects are successfully implemented, paving the way for the upgrading and transformation of enterprises.

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