Technology voucher know more about the project development period has been relaxed

The Innovation and Technology Commission has relaxed the launch period of technology voucher funded projects. Technology voucher applicants can start related projects without waiting for the approval of the application. Do the relevant measures have more advantages than disadvantages? The following article introducesHK$600,000 technology voucher subsidyNew arrangements.

Under the new arrangement, companies can start relevant projects as early as the day after submitting the technology voucher application form. The relevant arrangements will be loosened for companies, allowing companies to start their technology voucher upgrade projects as soon as possible. It should be noted that if an enterprise wishes to apply under the new arrangement, it must submit the completed “Declaration and Commitment” to the Innovation and Technology Commission no later than 5 working days after the actual project commencement date.


Are border technology voucher applications most benefited?

If companies can make good use of the new arrangements to implement technological solutions as soon as possible, they will strive for the maximum time value for improving business operations and enhancing competitiveness. If the execution time of related technology projects is long, such as system construction and API integration that require longer internal testing, the new arrangement can provide better time management. In addition, if the amount of funding applied for technology voucher is not large, the risk should be within control.

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Relaxation has more advantages than disadvantages?

The successful approval of the technology voucher project actually depends on the reasonableness of the proposed content, procurement procedures and budget. In the end, it will also have to wait for the approval result. If the company’s technology voucher project is carried out based on funding, it must carefully consider “first implementation, The risk of “post-approval” is because it may involve a longer waiting period than the budget, insufficient funding approval, or even the risk of not being approved.

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In addition, for companies applying for technology voucher funding for the first time, high-complex projects or companies without IT staff, hiring a technology voucher consultant can not only make the process of successfully applying for technology voucher smoother, but also allow professionals to manage related technology upgrade projects on their behalf. , Until the funding and scientific and technological programs are completed. The technology voucher consultant has practical experience and can provide first-hand information on successful strategies or industry information.

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HK$600,000 technology voucher application success depends on experience

The “Tech Voucher” under the “Innovation and Technology Fund” aims to subsidize local enterprises and organizations to use technology to increase productivity or upgrade and transform their business processes. The Technology Voucher will use a matching model of 3 (government):1 (enterprise/organization) to provide up to HK$600,000 to each eligible enterprise.

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