Successful examples of technology voucher CRM

Technology Voucher CRM Discovers Customer Needs

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) subsidizes Hong Kong enterprises to apply technology systems at a ratio of two-thirds and a cumulative cap of 400,000. TVP-hk technology voucher consultant will introduce three series in a row, introducing enterprise resource planning system (ERP), customer relationship management system (Customer Relation Management system, CRM) and website system (Website system) applications in various industries Happening.

This episode will introduce CRM. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, “customer relationship” is naturally a blow-up with customers, or greetings in big times, like a relationship with friends. From a commercial point of view, these practices are not problematic, but to maintain and manage customer relationships in a more scientific and systematic way, information technology will be used. CRM is a software system that allows companies of different sizes to organize, automate and synchronize any interaction with customers. It can assist companies in marketing, sales, after-sales service and support. Modern CRM can mostly analyze customer interaction processes and strengthen The relationship with customers allows customers to discover their own needs and turn them into sales.


Pest Control Company Quickly Responds to Enquiries with Technology Voucher CRM

This industry has always been more traditional. After receiving an order, it will send a master to the house to carry out pest control work, and seldom use technology systems. After discussing with the technology voucher consultant, the person in charge decided to apply for the technology voucher plan. It is recommended to use CRM to automate the inquiry process, record customer order records, and provide more personalized after-sales service and solutions, so as to enhance customer loyalty and create changes. Good reputation. CRM has a very powerful function, that is, it provides referral rewards. Old customers can introduce relatives and friends to visit and earn points, and they can get discounts on their next purchases. The technology voucher CRM has greatly improved the customer experience. At the same time, because it can more accurately grasp the needs of customers, the work of the master has become more efficient, which reduces a lot of costs in disguise.

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Technology Voucher CRM Helps Consulting Company Assignment Inquiry

Business consulting companies receive a lot of phone inquiries every day. As the colleagues in charge of answering calls have to respond to customer questions immediately, they need to undergo certain training to be competent. Once employees leave, they must be retrained, and experienced consultants are required for the time being. As an answerer, the cost is quite expensive. The technology voucher consultant introduced the various functions of CRM. Among them, the Call center software is very suitable for the company to use. Since the consulting company is not familiar with the relevant software, the consultant also acts as an intermediary for the technology voucher. He introduced several CRM suppliers who are willing to provide quotations, and finally chose The one with the lowest price and reasonable service. Now the operator only needs to follow the CRM prompts to answer the telephone enquirer. Not only can the question be answered quickly, but more importantly, the enquirer can be classified immediately. The CRM system automatically assigns the sales lead to different consultant teams for follow-up. If you have a preliminary grasp, it will naturally be more convenient to contact. The technology voucher CRM has increased the productivity of business consulting companies and reduced the cost of training at the same time. It is a very successful example of technology voucher.

CRM can improve the productivity of enterprises


Integration of Technology Voucher CRM and Online Stores Plays Synergies

For young entrepreneurs, online stores are the best option. After several years of operation, the online store has gradually become better. However, the original online store platform cannot be integrated with other CRM platforms due to closed programming methods. Therefore, the technology voucher consultant suggested finding a supplier to rebuild the new one. The online store is integrated with CRM. The browsing behavior and purchase records of online store members are collected in the CRM. Through the customer classification function (Segmentation) in the system, targeted promotion and discounts are provided to each category. The website is also based on CRM Personalized analysis, showing product recommendations suitable for customer tastes, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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Successful examples of technology voucherTVP-hk The technology voucher consultants focus on their professions and have assisted hundreds of corporate clients to successfully apply for the technology voucher program. The cloud CRM system can improve the company’s operational efficiency and reduce manpower. We can do it together because we all use technology voucher CRM. Customers bring high-quality services. Know more about technology voucher, to be the nextSuccessful examples of technology voucher,Please contact TVP-hk Technology Voucher Consultant now (+852 6219 1703)

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