Successful examples of technology vouchers in the beauty industry

2020″Reservation System” indispensable for marketing

Successful examples of technology vouchers: Ivy owns 3 beauty and self-cultivation centers. Earlier, Ivy successfully applied for funding through the technology vouchers program, purchased an appointment system, and opened the door to online marketing since then. Ivy launches online quick sales discounts and provides instant appointment services to attract customers extremely quickly. The ability to “go customers” far exceeds traditional promotion.

Before purchasing the online appointment system, Ivy’s beauty center only used excel to record customer appointment information. Because excel is not a professional appointment system, there is no fixed input format, and it is difficult to track whoever has entered the record or modified it. Moreover, excel is also unable to control the appointment process. For example, a beautician once gave two branches “overbooked” and called the customer to change it only after the problem was discovered. In addition, the beautician’s schedule is based on the appointment information, and the customer changes the appointment time or suddenly call-in will also disturb the original schedule.

Ivy purchased an online appointment system with the funding of the TVP Technology Voucher Program. Customers can check the free time slots of their favorite beauticians in the online appointment system, and make an appointment by themselves. The system will confirm and record the appointment in real time. The customer will receive a confirmation message sent by the reservation system, and will receive an appointment reminder at the specified time. The entire process is operated by the appointment system, reducing the manual workload.

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Discount + appointment, the number of passengers increased greatly

IvyThe online appointment system allows her to fight “online warfare” by advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, IG and other social platforms, and provide “experience discounts”. When customers click, they will be automatically linked to the appointment page and personally select the appropriate time slot. . Ivy’s online promotion has been very effective because it can fit consumers’ instant and anytime consumption patterns. Advertising can be converted into business. The number of visitors to the 3 stores continues to grow.。

Mobile responsive、Payment functions are the basic conditions of the online reservation system, and a more complete online reservation system solution can also be extended to the customer relationship management system (CRM). For medical services, clinics, dentists, consultation centers, or companies that require customers to wait, pay attention to whether the waiting management function in the online appointment system plan is complete. This function allows customers not to wait in the store in person, but the system The waiting number and estimated waiting time will be notified by SMS.


Many online appointment system plans

The online reservation system can be customized according to the requirements of merchants. The reservation system supply plan on the market costs about tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars. The reservation system is a funded technology voucher project under the TVP program. Successfully applied for funding under the Technology Voucher Scheme, Hong Kong companies can receive funding of 2/3 of the project cost (that is, only need to pay 1/3 of the cost of the project), and the funding can be up to HK$400,000.

To learn more about the online appointment system or the TVP technology voucher program, please contact us. Professional TVP consulting services, know-how in the application process of technology voucher, richsuccess caseGuarantee.

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