Technology Voucher Book: 6 FAQs for Decoding Technology Voucher Applications

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The economy meets cold peaks in the second half of the year,Technology VoucherApplications and enquiries have soared. The government encourages the business sector to make good use of funding to maintain competitiveness. Small and medium-sized business owners have taken active steps to invest in technology projects that can cut costs and improve efficiency. successApply for Technology Voucher,The government can bear up to 2/3 of the cost of your technology project, allowing you to hire technology voucher suppliers to provide solutions or systems that meet your needs. Don’t let your business lag behind. Here are 6 FAQs about the technology voucher program. For more information about technology voucher, you can contact technology voucher consultant.

1) Technology Voucher Funding Objects:

Companies, institutions, charities and non-governmental organizations (except listed companies, government-funded institutions or their affiliates) registered or registered under the “Business Registration Ordinance” or “Companies Ordinance” and have actual operations at the time of application can apply Technology voucher subsidy.

2) Technology Voucher Funding Amount:

Each eligible applicant can be approved up to 4 projects, and the total funding limit is HK$400,000. For each approved project, the technology voucher will provide funding in a 2:1 matching mode and reportpinthe way(reimbursement)Reimburse the applicants.

3) Scope of technology voucher funding:

  1. Technology consulting services: companies can make good use of funding to hire technology voucher consultants, who will provide independent consulting services for projects.
  2. Technological services or programs: equipment, software, and technological services or programs that are an essential part of the project.
  3. Project Audit Service: Projects whose approved funding amount exceeds HK$50,000 can apply for this funding, subject to the ceiling of the audit fee of HK$3,000.

Note: General operating costs will not be funded by technology vouchers.

4) Evaluation of Technology Voucher Funding:

Please make sure you have all the required documents when submitting the form. The Innovation and Technology Commission will make a preliminary assessment based on the documentsapplication form. Thereafter, the approval committee will consider the technology voucher application according to the following criteria: (i) the relevance of the technology project and the business; (ii) the reasonableness of the details and budget and (iii) the past record of the technology voucher supplier.

5) Restrictions on technology voucher funding:

To ensure that they can focus on the implementation of the project, applicants cannot apply for technology voucher funding for more than one technology voucher project at the same time. Expenses under approved technology voucher projects cannot be funded by other local public funding sources. Each project should generally be completed within 12 months.

6) Technology Voucher Funding Services and Solutions:

The following is a list of technological services/solutions commonly used by the business community for productivity/process. In addition, applicants can also hire technology voucher suppliers to provide other technology services and solutions that can meet the target of technology voucher according to the needs of the enterprise.

category Examples of typical services/programs
i) Customer and sales management: Appointment arrangement and waiting management, point of sale management (POS system)
ii) Logistics management: Electronic inventory management, logistics management, fleet management (Fleet management system)
iii) Production and procurement management: Electronic procurement management, assisting companies to meet production standards, real-time production tracking
iv) Marketing, business management and other solutions/systems: Network security, big data and cloud analysis, file management and mobile access, enterprise resource planning (including customer relationship management) (ERP solutions, including CRM system), augmented reality technology (AR system), rapid response management, location services , Product management system, smart robot application
iv) Specific industry classification: School management system, clinic management, building information model, computer-aided design (CAD)

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