Technology vouchers will be increased from April 2020

Synchronous anti-epidemic TVP technology coupons will increase in April

Starting from April 1, 2020, the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) will have the following optimization measures

  • The cumulative funding limit is determined by40MillionHong Kong dollar raised to60MillionHong Kong dollar
  • The proportion of government funding byTwo-thirdsPromote toThree quarters
  • The total application capital is determined byFour timesPromote toSix times

The previous plus codes are as follows:

  • The cumulative funding limit is determined by40MillionHong Kong dollar raised to60MillionHong Kong dollar (Budget 2019/20, February 27, 2019)
  • Increase the initial funding accounted for 25% of the total funding (December 1, 2019)

The optimization measures in December 2019 were initiated in response to the social incidents caused by the anti-amendment legislation in 2019, but the second time (April 1, 2020) was in response to the outbreak of the new type of coronary pneumonia (also known as “Wuhan pneumonia”). One of the rescue measures for Hong Kong’s severe economic blow.


For the first time since the launch of the Technology Voucher Scheme, the funding ratio has been increased

The most striking move this time is to increase the original two-thirds (that is, 66.7% of the government-funded technology voucher project cost) to three-quarters (that is, 75%). In the past, it would only increase the cumulative limit, which is very important for small businesses. It is not very helpful, because most small companies may not spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to upgrade their technology systems. Whether it is 200,000, 400,000 or even 600,000, the difference is not too big for this group of bosses. However, increasing the funding ratio will benefit all technology voucher applicants, reducing the original investment from 33.3% to 25%, which is about a quarter of the cost, whether it is a web system of tens of thousands of yuan or a cost of 600,000 yuan. For large-scale enterprise resource management systems, new methods are treated equally.


Survival is also a problem. What is the use of technology vouchers for me?

Perhaps hard-hit companies will ask the above question. TVP-hk understands that each industry has its own difficulties. However, there is still a business to do. Some industries are facing survival and death. Perhaps it is not the time to talk about the system. Upgrade; if the business impact is small, you can actually take this opportunity to use technology to enhance your business competitiveness and take the lead in the market after the economic “epidemic” has passed. Many times we will hear people say, “When SARS buys a property, it will be developed.” Of course, no one wants to see the epidemic. However, the economy has ups and downs. Opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared. The future will always rely on technology. .


TVP-hk Technology Voucher Advisor can help you

Since the announcement of the 2020/21 budget, TVP-hk technology voucher consultants have received a large number of enquiries, including technology voucher application procedures, application qualifications, etc. Our professional team can assist you regardless of whether you have a technology plan or not. Enrich your resources through technology vouchers to achieve your business. TVP-hk Technology Voucher Consulting Company has rich experience, no charge if it fails. To learn more about technology voucher advisory services, please contact TVP-hk (+852 6219 1703).

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