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The Work from Home mode of work brings new challenges to corporate management. Making good use of technological solutions can turn crises into opportunities. From project management, information sharing to approval procedures, as long as the process is streamlined, managers and employees can focus on core issues and add value to the company against the market.Apply for 600,000 technology vouchers to upgrade the system,The funding ratio reaches 75% of the project cost, a shortcut that SMEs must not miss.


Project management system

One of the challenges of the Home office is how to supervise employees at work instead of “playing jobs”, and to prevent project progress from being delayed due to communication errors. As long as the “project management system” is added, the problem can be solved.

Through the “Project Management System”, managers can subdivide the work into different stages, and set time limits for tasks in each stage and assign dedicated staff. Managers can track progress through the system and grasp the availability of employees. Different reports can digitize working hours and work results for easy analysis and supervision. The project management system supplier can add various functional modules, customized processes, automatic prompts and analysis reports according to the needs of the company. If the company is not familiar with how to set the process, it can ask the project management system supplier to provide industry-related information. Real cases for easy reference.

For advanced enterprise resource management, please refer to:Three Application Cases of Technology Voucher ERP


File management system

When the team wants to collaborate on files, the file management system can simplify the work process and improve work efficiency. It is also a necessary technology solution for work from home.

After the administrator creates a working group through the “document management system”, group members can process documents and related messages in the system. The document management system has become a one-stop document and message sharing platform, replacing traditional emails, which greatly saves members. Time spent composing or reviewing emails.

Other important functions of the file management system include: (1) Access files systematically, search for file locations in seconds, (2) Huge files can be easily shared (3) Track the modification records of files, and restore a certain version when needed.

When selecting a document management system supplier, pay attention to the purchase cost and rental cost. The plans and costs proposed by different document management system suppliers can vary greatly.


Digital signature system

The boss’s desk is full of documents to be signed, and when the migrant workers are in the anxiety of “waiting for signatures,” why doesn’t the boss fall into the helplessness of “getting back to the company for signatures during his busy schedule”? Under the trend of work from home, as long as the digital signing system is added, the management can issue approval orders anytime and anywhere.

The procedure of the digital signature system is very simple. When an employee sends a signature request, the manager will receive a message. As long as they sign in the browser of a computer or mobile device (with a finger, pen or mouse), the signing process is completed. Safety copies of signed documents will be sent to relevant employees and managers, and the system will also record each step and store the documents in a designated repository.

The digital signature system can set the approval path, step by step to the top management. In addition, if there is a document that is about to expire, the system will issue a reminder to the administrator to ensure that the approval process meets the requirements.


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