The cumulative amount of HK$600,000 in technology vouchers is loose

The Innovation and Technology Commission announced the relaxation of the “Technology Voucher” limit on the amount of accumulated funding. Starting from August 14, 2020, companies/organizations that are established as different legal entities but are owned by the same person with 30% or more of the ownership will not And then be regarded as the same organization to be counted in the “Technology VoucherThe cumulative total funding under “.

The measure is to loosen the restrictions on small and medium-sized business owners who hold multiple companies at the same time and need to upgrade technology for different companies, so that the original limit of “HK$600,000 cumulative subsidy” is upgraded according to actual needs. Making good use of technology vouchers to fund early digital upgrades is the key to success in digital business in the future.


No need to count shareholding for technology voucher applications

Taking the same shareholder holding more than 30% ownership of 3 companies at the same time as an example, after the TVP technology voucher “cumulative subsidy amount” is loosened, 3 companies can apply for technology voucher subsidy at the same time, and the maximum subsidy amount for each is HK$600,000 .

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Technology voucher quotes become a pain point

The loosening of TVP technology voucher is certainly good news, but for companies that want to apply for technology voucher for process or system upgrade, the purchase of technology voucher items and the process of technology voucher quotation are still the pain points of application. The company’s mastery of the latest technological solutions, how to connect front-end and back-end systems, all require professional advice from scientific and technical personnel. The piecemeal purchase of technology systems may not necessarily drive companies to improve their operational efficiency. If the systems cannot be coordinated with each other, they may even become an obstacle to the upgrading of the company.

Technology voucher upgrade example:Old school wholesale houses also upgrade TVP subsidized purchase of ERP system

For example, many marketers who set up online stores will analyze customer data and conduct re-marketing through CRM customer management systems to achieve high efficiency.Automated marketing plan,It is necessary to integrate the CRM system with the automated email system. In addition, POS and CRM systems are two different systems. To synchronize sales, inventory and customer sales data, the two systems must be integrated. Different systems are often provided by different vendors. To manage the API connection well, there must be professional and technical personnel to observe the whole process.


Technology Voucher Consultant Program with Maximum Benefit

Understand the company’s own problems and get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, we emphasize that TVP technology voucher consultants are not purely “engaging” TVP technology voucher applications for companies, but provide complete technology consulting services, including technology upgrade roadmaps, supplier matching services, project budget assessments, and market trends reporting to ensure From the TVP technology voucher application to the company’s own technology upgrade, it can maximize the benefits.

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