Food for the people, technology helps the catering industry turn around

Hong Kong is a food paradise. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, the catering industry has suffered an unprecedented winter. In addition to the cash support from the Li Ka-shing Foundation and the Government’s Anti-epidemic Fund, in fact, Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) and remote Technology funding funds such as the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) have openly allowed the catering industry to apply for subsidies for the use of information technology systems. The following is a one-stop integrated solution that is quite suitable for general restaurants, and restaurant owners may wish to refer to it.


Online shop builds a brand to open up the road

Many people in charge think that opening a special page on social platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram) is equivalent to online promotion, and there is no need to establish their own dedicated website. Undoubtedly, social media has a good publicity effect, but please don’t forget that the platform page does not belong to the company. Once it is closed or even deleted, it will become nothing. Moreover, all fan information is controlled by the platform and cannot be effectively commercialized at all. Analysis, therefore, the catering industry should also establish its own website or even an online store to fully analyze customer data, develop its own brand, and open up new routes.


The new generation of POS has different traditions

In addition, most restaurants are now equipped with catering system POS, which can connect the three places of ordering, kitchen and cashier. However, this can only be used for general operations and cannot integrate data for business statistics and analysis. As a boss, of course, I hope to understand the consumption tastes of diners, the utilization rate of various resources, etc., in order to meet the needs of diners as much as possible and increase sales. In addition to the simple appearance and user interface of the new generation of catering system POS, it is more important that it can be connected to other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relation Management (Customer Relation Management, CRM). The consumption data can be directly transmitted to the CRM for analysis, and the management personnel can adjust the market strategy according to the analysis, and respond to market needs quickly.

There is also a mobile ordering interface on the market. As long as the diners scan the QR Code on the table, they can order food through the Web app. There is no need to develop a separate mobile app, and the diners do not need to install it. , Very suitable for Hong Kong people who pay attention to efficiency.


CRM builds a loyal customer base

The CRM mentioned above also explains how CRM can help the development of the catering industry. In the past, many restaurants would adopt a membership system. The purpose was to increase customers’ chances of returning, and then become a loyal fan of the restaurant. Everyone in business understands that it is far more difficult to do a business for new customers than for old customers. The websites and POS mentioned earlier can be regarded as online and physical store businesses. As long as they are connected to CRM, they can integrate online and offline consumption information. For example, customers have made online purchases and placed orders in physical stores. Get discounts and save points. The membership system also encourages diners to leave contact information for future promotion.


There are many technology voucher catering industry programs, carefully select suppliers to expand customer sources

In addition to the technology voucher diet plan introduced above, some suppliers even adjust the system for different types of catering in order to make operation and promotion more efficient. TVP-hk recommends that restaurant owners choose TVP suppliers carefully, and don’t forget that supplier’s track record is also one of the judging criteria. Online restaurants in the catering industry are also supported by D-Biz and provide a certain promotional fee.

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