Successful examples of pet shop technology vouchers

Technology Voucher Helps Pet Shop Upgrade System

Hong Kong people have always been caring and like keeping pets, so pet shops have become popular. In addition to selling pet food and supplies, pet grooming is popular. This time the successful sharing of technology voucher examples is a pet shop that has been in business for ten years. The technology voucher consultant assisted in applying for funding and successfully created a new system, including a comprehensive website system, a customer relationship management system (Customer Relation Management, CRM), an appointment system and retail sales System (Point-of-Sales, POS), and connect all systems to achieve one-stop and automated management. Customers can order pet supplies and make beauty appointments as long as they go to the pet shop website. At the same time, the system will collect customer consumption behavior data and provide business reports. The person in charge can easily read and reference and assist in marketing decisions.

Customer Relationship Management System

Like many bosses, pet shops used to focus on sales, including finding new customers and selling services and products to old customers, but there is no scientific and objective division of customers’ tastes, product sales, and seasonal factors. The analysis depends only on the impression and memory of the person in charge. For example, a certain customer consumes a lot, but is it a regular customer? It is necessary to open all Excel, and it is impossible to make it clear. CRM is just a tool for managing customer relationships. Whether customers often turn orders, what customers need more in winter, which brand of dog food is the most popular, and even the different consumption patterns of owners of cats and dogs can be clear. To see. As the boss, we should not only be a good salesperson, but also grasp the ins and outs of the entire business and plan strategizing in order to win in the fiercely competitive market.

Pet shops apply for technology voucher funding

Reservation system

Another pet shop’s main business is pet grooming services, such as hair cutting, make-up and bathing for cats and dogs. However, each service must ensure that the facilities are available and the technicians are available. Do not underestimate the appointment. In fact, it is quite cumbersome. If there is an error in the process, it may become a collision period or idle time. In the past, guests had to make an appointment for beauty services. They had to call the pet shop first. The clerk had to check the appointment table and the on-duty list before making an appointment. The most troublesome thing was that the guest or technician had to reschedule, and one party could not catch the other party. An error occurred. Now, as long as you log in to the website, you can view the past records, make appointments for regular beauty services, and make a one-time appointment. Even if you need to change it, you can complete it with just a few clicks. The reserved consumption records will be automatically synchronized to the CRM, without manual input, you can see real-time analysis and reports.

O2OWebsite retail system

Both of the above systems need to be connected to the O2O online and offline retail system, that is, an online store that has been connected to the POS system. For traditional retail stores, POS systems are not unfamiliar. They are mainly used to collect payments and manage inventory. Online stores are also a very common e-commerce method. However, it is engineering to integrate two sets of tools to manage the same inventory. Focus. Regardless of online and offline consumption, it needs to be fed back to the CRM for analysis and follow-up. After making an appointment in the online store, you need to go to the physical store for service. Therefore, the connection and stability between the systems are very important for business development.

O2OSolution, CRM and appointment system need to be integrated one after another

Easy to apply for technology voucher consultants

Technology Voucher Scheme (Technology Voucher Programme, TVP)Funding two-thirds of the cost, the maximum amount is 400,000 Hong Kong dollars, and companies that successfully apply can upgrade their technology systems by paying only one-third of the price. The above successful examples of technology voucher show that in today’s fiercely competitive environment, only by improving operational efficiency, improving customer service experience and reducing expenses can we gain a firm foothold in the market. Managing a pet shop is already very busy, so the person in charge finds an experienced technology voucher consultant to assist in the application. During the period, he can continue to do the operation; the consultant also plays a good role as an intermediary and introduced a few good ones.Technology Voucher Supplier,The final result is obvious to all.

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