Successful examples of technology vouchers in the beauty industry

Successful examples of beauty salon technology vouchers

Hong Kong people generally like to dress up. With the increasing status of women, the income of professional women has increased, and there is a high demand for the beauty industry. In addition, Hong Kong’s economy is dominated by sales services, and appearance has a certain impact on sales. . On the other hand, the government has a lot of supervision on industries such as beauty and fitness, which makes the industry very competitive. To gain a firm foothold in the beauty market, apart from relying on high-quality services and marketing, the original technology applications can come in handy. The TVP-hk consultant shared a successful example of a beauty salon’s technology voucher, throughApply for Technology VoucherFunded, successfully upgraded the website system and customer relationship management system, on the one hand, it opened up new sources of customers, on the other hand, it strengthened the follow-up and resale to existing customers.

Problems with the old system

The old website of the beauty salon was set up on a platform at the beginning of its opening. Since the platform was a closed system, it was unable to add the online appointment system required by the beauty salon. It could only be presented in the form of the most basic company website for a simple service introduction. At the same time, the company only uses Excel to process customer information. What kind of service is the customer’s preference, which beautician is the most popular, etc., are not able to make a sophisticated report. The person in charge can only explore the direction of business development through experience. This method is At first, the company could barely handle it when there were only dozens of stable customers, but as the company grew to several times its original size, Excel was obviously not a suitable customer relationship processing tool, which really hindered the company’s growth.。

Beauty salons apply for technology voucher subsidies to rebuild their websites andCRM

Technology Voucher Consulting Company Assists Beauty Salon

In view of this, the beauty salon decided to find a supplier to re-develop the website, join the online appointment system, and connect to the planned Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, so that guests can make appointments for beauty services anytime and anywhere, and conduct customer behaviors. Analyze in order to make sales. Knowing that TVP can fund up to two-thirds of the cost of the project, the person in charge of the company decided to apply for a technology voucher for this system upgrade. As the relevant procedures are quite complicated, and the beauty salon does not know much about information technology suppliers, on the one hand, he is afraid to find I couldn’t find a suitable supplier, and on the other hand, I was afraid that the supplier would overcharge, so I searched the Internet for relevant information and contacted the consultant of TVP-hk. The consultant analyzed the business of the beauty salon and the projects that he hoped to upgrade, and believed that the rationale was sufficient and there was a reasonable chance of success, so he accepted the commission of the beauty salon and introduced several goodwill companies.Technology Voucher Supplier. As expected, the technology voucher application was successfully completed in about four months, and the entire project, including the test, was completed within three months.

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TVPTechnology Voucher Funding Website andCRM

Website systems and CRM are popular technology voucher projects. Most TVP cases can fully fund two-thirds of the cost, and the related supply is quite mature, and there are enough suppliers to choose from in the market. In the early stage of business startups, due to scale and cost considerations, many companies often only use a closed system to set up their own basic company website. However, as the company grows, this type of website platform cannot be connected to other systems, such as CRM or inventory management systems. Meeting the needs of business development limits the company’s growth. The government’s launch of TVP is precisely to solve the funding needs of technological upgrading and encourage enterprises to apply systems to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. The beauty industry has a long history and employs a large number of practitioners. It is an indicator of Hong Kong’s economy. Through the technology voucher scheme, the overall competitiveness of the industry is improved.

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