Technology Voucher and Common Human Resources Issues of SMEs

Technology Voucher Funded Human Resource Management System

According to the statistics of the Technology Voucher Program, more than half of the technology voucher applications involve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the most important corporate resources must be counted. Naturally, human resources (HR) must be mentioned. The human resource management system (HRMS) on the market can manage personnel records, assist in budgeting, calculate salary and benefits, arrange vacations and attendance, etc. It can also support MPF and tax calculations. These processes and data are related to the well-being of the company’s employees. The most important thing for a company is people. To retain talents, it must have a clear, transparent and fair personnel policy.

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Human resources problems faced by SMEs

Generally, in the early stage of business start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises will focus their energy on finding business. The boss has several jobs, mainly the free salesperson of the company, but also the project coordinator, etc. The only colleague is himself, and the hard-working business starts. On track, it is natural to recruit troops. After hiring a group of employees, I find that there are a lot of internal tasks, such as calculating salary, establishing personnel records, and filing taxes for employees. The result is only two possibilities: one is to spend a lot of time on these “not making money” The second aspect of administrative work is the sloppy and sloppy. Regardless of the possibility, it reduces the efficiency of business operations and even planted a time bomb.

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Benefits of HRMS

Many of the above administrative tasks are repetitive. As long as the process is well written and related systems can be connected, it can be fully automated, and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is being born for this. HRMS has several benefits:

  1. Computing costs. Regardless of analysis workload or labor, HRMS can quantify the distribution of manpower and help company management reduce costs and increase per capita productivity
  2. Reduce duplication of work. For the boss or HR colleague, HRMS can replace manual work to deal with repetitive tasks, and devote energy and time to more meaningful places
  3. Fair system. As HRMS quantifies human resources, data can be used as one of the reasons for promotion and transfer, making colleagues feel fairer and more willing to contribute to the company.
  4. Reduce errors. The larger the company, the more complicated the personnel affairs, as long as a small mistake may affect the entire company’s colleagues. HRMS can effectively reduce the occurrence of errors, even if there is an error, the root cause of the problem can be traced.

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Apply for technology voucher TVP to use HRMS

Due to the epidemic, many employees have to work from home, which makes human resource management more difficult to deal with. A flexible HRMS can handle a variety of different scenarios, maintain the company’s operational efficiency, and smoothly overcome economic adversity. Now that the funding ceiling of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) has been raised from 400,000 to 600,000, and the funding ratio has reached 75%, it is time to review whether the company’s human resources are used effectively, and use HRMS to improve corporate operating efficiency and enhance overall competitiveness.

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