Technology Voucher Website Online Store Solution Breaks the Epidemic

Traditional retail applications for technology coupons to open online stores to expand business

In 2019, there was an anti-amendment social movement in Hong Kong. The business of Mr. Chen, who has been doing traditional retail all the way, was greatly affected. Several stores were in the main demonstration areas, and they could only operate in the morning for a limited amount. Not going there for a long time is not a solution, so Decided to change the website into an online store, providingOnline ShoppingAnd payment, and connect the relevant logistics system. With the assistance of consultants,Technology Voucher ApplicationIt was quickly approved. The online store system supplier completed the erection and testing in less than three months. The online store was officially put into service at the beginning of 2020. No one would have thought that the online store has become a lifesaver for business.

Just when many bosses thought that the social movement was over and they were happily preparing for the business of the Lunar New Year schedule, a new type of pneumonia (also known as Wuhan pneumonia) has rewritten the lives of the whole world. Hundreds of millions of people need to work at home, countries restrict gatherings, and people The desire to consume has been completely lost, and the situation is more severe than during the social movement. This sudden epidemic has destroyed many businesses that have been standing for many years.

Mr. Chen’s business was initially affected like you and me. However, the opening of Dude’s online store and the digital promotion plan that was prepared early on, as people adapted to the new life under this special situation, they began to gradually switch to online consumption.,Online shop systemSince the test has been done, I can handle a large number of orders. Maybe Mr. Chen is a bit lucky, but he is prepared for danger in times of peaceBusiness attitude and business transformationDetermined, the online store today not only becomes the growth engine of the business, but also makes a significant contribution to brand awareness.


The service industry turns the portal site into an appointment system

Although the online shop aims to sell products, another industry: how can the service industry survive through IT solutions during the epidemic? Let’s take a look at the example of business consultants. Mr. Li’s business is to provide business consulting services to commercial customers. , The company’s portal website has been changed toOnline appointment system (Online booking system),And conduct video conferences with overseas customers to provide consulting services. In the past, Mr. Li’s office colleagues needed to frequently respond to customer calls to arrange meetings. Not only did they use a certain amount of human resources, but they also occasionally made human errors and mistaken the appointment time. Now customers can use the online appointment system to schedule appointments around the clock. The website system will operate 24 hours a day and link to the calendar of colleagues to know the work schedule in real time. Mr. Li is not a prophet. Of course, he would not expect the epidemic to come, but he is so-called to take precautions. Since technology is the general trend, the government provided up to two-thirds of the project funding. (TVP funding plus,The ratio has been increased to three-quarters from April 1, 2020). With the assistance of the technology voucher consultant, the application and project will be completed in about 9 months. During the epidemic, business advisory services were not greatly affected.


Transformation of various course tutors to online teaching

The last example of using technology to overcome the epidemic is the online learning system. In the 21st century, everyone understands the principle of “knowledge changes destiny”. Parents will train their children and enroll them in various tuition, art, STEM and other courses. ; For health, interest and work, working adults will study and study in their spare time, such as fitness, Chinese or distance courses. Online learning is quite mature in developed countries with a vast territory, and it may even use video conferencing to learn from teachers in other countries. However, Hong Kong has low incentives to implement distance learning due to its convenient transportation. Under the epidemic situation, no industry is spared and unaffected. Tutorial schools are one of the hardest hits. As parents, it is understandable that parents would rather stay at home for their children to study and reduce the chance of cross-infection in the tutorial schools. The course tutor arranges online learning. In addition to video teaching, students can also provide homework and tests through the system so that tutors and parents can monitor their learning progress. The distance learning system is also a popular technology voucher project in the industry.


Technology Voucher TVP and D-Biz

As the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic is still raging around the world, Hong Kong people have reduced the number of infections to a minimum with immense wisdom and patience. As a Hong Kong citizen, TVP-hk technology voucher consultant is very proud. Since we can avoid the outbreak of immune disease in the community, we can alsoInformation Technology SystemBreak through the conditions,Remote workAnd life. Now in addition to the TVP technology voucher program, the Innovation and Technology Bureau has also launched the “Distance Business Programme” (D-Biz), which fully subsidizes the remote work of enterprises. The above examples are all within the scope of funding. Overcome the “epidemic” environment with technology and act immediately to make the most wise deployment.

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