Technology war kicks off, technology vouchers help SMEs face the battle

Technological competitions have quietly appeared in all walks of life. Enterprises are thirsty for technological solutions. In addition to replacing manpower with systems, it can reduce human errors and reduce costs. By establishing technological systems, companies can also drive companies to establish good operating systems and improve Manage quality and maintain competitiveness. The following is a brief introduction to popular technology applications in the office, as long as Apply for Technology Voucher,Purchase Technology Voucher Supplier The scheme or system provided can be subsidized by two-thirds of the project cost, with a subsidy amounting to HK$400,000.

Code of Practice:Technology Voucher Application Process and Eligibility

1) Document management plan

A large number of documents are generated in daily operations of enterprises. Document management system (DMS) can reduce the time of document search, ensure that employees have consistent access to the latest version of documents, and can also monitor the access and flow of information for enterprises to prevent leakage of confidential documents. With cloud support, document operations can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

In addition to basic functions such as storing, retrieving, sharing, tracking, modifying or distributing documents, different user permissions can be set in the document management system, such as: restricting reading time, password opening, prohibiting printing, unauthorized persons not being able to read original files, etc. For documents to be approved, the electronic review process is used to replace traditional paper-based approval through the document management plan. The review progress is clear at a glance, which can improve work efficiency.

2) Network Security Solution

The network security plan can be adjusted according to the needs of the industry or the company. The general network security plan includes:

1) Defense against cyber attacks and malicious Internet activities;

2) Predict the risk of attack by collecting data records;

3) Patching in response to attacks。

3) Human resource management plan (HR system or HRMS system)

The general human resource management plan covers the following tasks, simplifying human resource management and administration:

1) Shift management: arranging staff rotation tables with the system;

2) Attendance management: record employee commuting time, employee attendance, overtime work, overtime days, paid holidays, etc.;

3) Holiday management: different leave rules can be preset for employees without manual review, and leave applications are recorded by the system, so you are not afraid of omissions or repetitions, and the information is real-time.

4) Salary management: the system calculates various salary items (attendance time and leave days), and automatically calculates employee salaries;

5) Employee file management: Establish a central file of personal data and related employment contracts for employees to reduce the risk of loss of paper files.

Regardless of document management solutions, network security solutions, or human resource management solutions, buying bad solutions is equivalent to buying bad assets, dragging cross-company development. To choose a technology supplier, you must think carefully. grasps the latest trends in technology solutions, with rich experience in technology voucher project management, can become your private Technology Voucher Advisor And the project manager, from applying for technology voucher funding to selecting the best technology voucher solutions and suppliers, with professionalism to create a confidence guarantee for successful application of technology voucher. 

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