[TVP Technology Voucher Successful Case] Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system increased by 33%

The severe winter of Hong Kong’s catering industry has come, and it is urgent to reduce costs and increase efficiency. SuccessApply for Technology VoucherThe project can bring up to HK$400,000 in subsidies to restaurants. The proprietor of a tea restaurant used technology vouchers to subsidize the purchase of a meal ordering system, which successfully increased the turnover rate during peak hours. From technology voucher application toTechnology Voucher SupplierProject management, technology voucher consultants create success together with you.

Order entry is decentralized, and the ordering system is free of errors and omissions

Fa Ge operates 3 tea restaurants, all located in the Yau Tsim Mong business district. In the past, orders were placed manually and then handed over to the center of the counter to enter the order. There were often mistakes and missed orders, and the counter became a bottleneck and slowed the exit. Speed of dishes. Fa Ge realized that the operation was not satisfactory last year, so he applied for TVP at the beginning of this yearTechnology VoucherIn order to add an ordering system, we hope that by optimizing the ordering process, the business flow will be accelerated. In the past six months, business in the evening market has been bleak, and I can fight for a long lunch to turn into a restaurant’s life-saving talisman. Fa Ge is fortunate to have an early opportunity.

At present, employees use tablets to place orders for diners, and the order information is sent to the flavor department, kitchen department and water bar in real time, which solves the bottleneck of the counter and improves the speed of food delivery. In addition, if the ordering system prints the sales slip and sends it to the diners, errors and omissions can also be found immediately. Roughly estimated, after the introduction of the ordering system, the time taken by diners from ordering to paying the bill has been shortened from an average of 45 minutes to 30 minutes in the past, and the number of diners in the two-hour golden lunch market has increased by 33%.

The ordering system can collect data from 3 restaurants, allowing Fa Ge to see the number of dishes, such as popular dishes, diners’ tastes, etc., which previously could only rely on second-hand information provided by the floor or the kitchen, now Fa Ge can already be in the system The data analysis is clear at a glance, which is very important to the management of chain restaurants.

Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system turnover rate increased by 33%
Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system turnover rate increased by 33%

Received more than HK$100,000 and the project cost was only tens of thousands

The ordering system improves the speed of placing orders and increases employee productivity in disguise. Because the system can handle procedures such as table picking, ordering, checkout, accounting, etc., the labor costs of related projects have become more flexible. After Fa Ge successfully applied for technology voucher funding, the entire technology voucher project from the ordering system solution to the tablet computer used to place the order received 2/3 funding. The restaurant only paid about HK$50,000-HK$70,000, but it could be improved in the long run. Operational efficiency. The ordering system can also achieve “Limited Time Offer”, “Diners Store Points”, etc., so that Fage can flexibly launch fast-selling promotions.

Avoid traps when purchasing a meal ordering system

Hand-held order system”、

Automatic ordering system for diners”、

Scan QR CODE online ordering system” is a common ordering system solution. When selecting, pay attention to the stability of the system, ease of use, adequate functions, and maintenance costs after installation. In addition, the after-sales support of the ordering system supplier is extremely important, including: whether the supplier will invest resources to continuously update the system, the speed of system bugs (Bugs) correction, etc. There are many suppliers of the ordering system on the market. I would advise the shop owner to learn more about the supplier’s past performance and background. The wrong picking system will cause the project to be scrapped and overturned, which is a major loss.

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