Know more about technology vouchers: TVP and D-Biz funding point selection?

Regardless of all walks of life, digital transformation has become a way for SMEs to survive. For SME bosses who intend to transform, they must not only solve how to apply technological solutions to their own businesses, but also solve the additional capital required for digital transformation.Technology Voucher Scheme(TVP)And remote business plan(D-Biz)They are all funding programs to support SMEs in upgrading and transforming their businesses. To fight for funding to catch up with the digital transformation express, we must first understand the funding targets and content of the two funding programs.


Systematic management process of digital business and enterprise management

Regardless of digital business technology solutions or corporate management systems, what is to be achieved is not only to simplify human work with technology solutions, but more importantly, to make the entire operation process systematized and procedural to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Popular digital business solutions include: CRM system,POS system, Big data analysis, cloud technology,Automated marketing plan; Commonly used systems for business management include:ERP system, Accounting system,Human Resource Management System, Inventory management system, etc.; technological solutions starting from the overall company operation and marketing level include:Web Design, Inter-system API application programming interface orProcess automation solutionWait. The above-listed are all popular SME technology services and solutions for digital transformation and productivity enhancement.

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TVP Technology Voucher VS D-Biz Funding

Let me briefly talk about the funding overview of the TVP Technology Voucher Program and D-Biz. The TVP Technology Voucher Program was introduced in 2016. After several rounds of optimization measures, the latest funding ceiling has been increased to HK$600,000, and the funding ratio is 75% of the project cost. , The maximum number of approved projects is 6. D-Biz was launched in May 2020 and is one of the measures of the government’s “epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund”. The purpose is to support enterprises to continue to operate and provide services through information technology solutions for remote work or service mode during the epidemic.

Although both TVP and D-Biz are funding programs to support digital transformation of enterprises, they have their own characteristics. Small and medium-sized enterprises can, based on the enterprise transformation plan, the urgency of the required funds, and the amount of funding, to maximize the deployment of funding and digital Transformation plan.


One table to see the main points of the two major funding schemes

TVP Technology Voucher Subsidy Scheme Remote Business Plan D-Biz

Cumulative funding


Limited to HK$600,000 HK$300,000 is the upper limit
Application deadline Applications are accepted throughout the year October 31, 2020 is the final application deadline
Funding scope Technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade and transform business processes Applicable to 12 IT solution categories:

1)Online business, such as: opening an online shop, developing mobile apps, online order systems, SEM and digital advertising

2)Online order and delivery, intelligent self-service system

3)Online customer service and promotion

4)Customer digital experience upgrade (e.g. use to build chatbot, develop AR, develop VR, purchase data to improve user experience)

5)Digital payment/mobile device retail management system

6)Online/cloud financial management system

7)Online/cloud human resource management system

8)Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services

9)Online meeting tools

10)Virtual team management and communication

11)Network Security Solution

12)Other online/tailor-made/cloud business support systems

Funding form 3:1 matching funding model, providing funding not more than 75% of the actual cost 100% subsidy, the maximum subsidy for each project is HK$100,000
Appropriation arrangement Initial funding: 25% of funding

Final grant: the remaining 75%

The final grant will be issued after the project is completed and the final report is accepted.

Initial funding: 30% of funding

Final appropriation: remaining 70%

The final grant will be issued after the project is completed and the final report is accepted.

According to the latest measures of the TVP Technology Voucher Funding Scheme in September,The technology voucher “accumulated funding amount” is loosened and funding is up!, Different companies under the same shareholder no longer need to “share” the HK$600,000 technology voucher subsidy amount. This is great news for the bosses who invest in the network, and the application for technology voucher enquiries will be doubled immediately.


SMEs without IT professionals are a high-risk group

Regardless of whether it is a technology voucher funding program or a D-Biz funding program, the key is always to purchase appropriate technology solutions for the company. For small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have dedicated IT staff, since no one can examine the rationality of the plan and follow up the implementation and execution, the risk of purchasing technology solutions is extremely high. In addition, the funding plan has a standard quotation procedure, and the technical details and timetable required by the quotation content must be accurately determined to avoid any gap in implementation and fail to achieve the expected results. For SMEs to purchase technology solutions, professional technology consultants are indispensable.

Our TVP technology consultant team has a wealth of successful experience in TVP technology voucher applications and D-Biz applications. From technology solutions and technical advice, supplier selection, funding application consulting to project management consulting, we provide you with a one-stop technology program + funding consultation service. The application is free of delay, and the technology upgrade is taken!

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