TVP-hk.com has a one-stop technology solution planning consultant team, familiar with the needs of the Hong Kong market, and has a vast network of technology system suppliers. It can provide consulting services for technology solutions according to the needs and scales of enterprises of all sizes. At the same time, it uses the technology voucher program. Help companies save time and costs, improve productivity and transform.

TVP-hk.com technology voucher consultants are very familiar with the application process and requirements of the technology voucher program. Over the past two years, the consultant team has accumulated 250 successful technology project experience, rich experience, professional follow-up, 100% of Hong Kong SMEs successfully applied for technology voucher funding guarantee , Deeply trusted and recommended by local SME customers.

TVP-hk.com has a comprehensive range of services. In addition to providing technology voucher consultants, it also includes: assessing the status of business operations, planning and consulting on promotional content, planning multimedia promotion plans, website/APP design, production and promotion, etc.

Talent is the key to success. Our team is very familiar with and specializes in technology voucher applications. Specialized personnel are responsible for the consultation of the technology plan, the application of technology voucher, the implementation of the plan and the preparation of the acceptance report to ensure satisfactory results.

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