Analysis of successful examples of technology voucher

Successful examples of technology voucher

Ms. Huang has opened the restaurant for a year. Because there are more and more customers, people used to place orders with handwritten paper in the restaurant, and there are often mistakes and omissions. Customers often complain, and the morale of the staff is very low. So Ms. Huang’s restaurant wanted to apply for the technology voucher program, and wanted to use the technology voucher program to obtain funding to purchase the restaurant’s POS food management system. However, I felt that the application procedures were too complicated, and it was hard to fill in the information and submit it, but later found out that some of the documents were missing and were required to submit it again, which made her no longer want to apply again, so she thought about giving up. Later, I met technology voucher consultant through a friend's introduction. We first learned about the operation of Miss Huang's restaurant, and introduced a catering system company suitable for the restaurant according to the size and needs of the restaurant. Then collect all the technology voucher application materials for the restaurant and fill out the technology voucher application form. Assisted Ms. Huang to successfully apply for more than 200,000 projects in February 2019. The application time took about 3 months. When applying for a technology voucher with a restaurant, you need to have a clear understanding of the restaurant’s operation and target customers in order to quickly help the restaurant’s guests.

Case: Restaurant

Mr. Chen, who is engaged in the production of advertising media, learned in February 2019 that the application qualifications for technology coupons were relaxed. His company has just been established for 6 months and has a monthly turnover of about 50,000. He submitted an application for technology voucher by himself, but the government asked him to certify the details and plan of the project, which made him very confused and even felt that the government deliberately made things difficult for him. He found via the Internet in May 2019. Our company's technology voucher consultant team has tailored a customer relationship management system (CRM) for Mr. Chen's company. This CRM can help Mr. Chen's company manage the daily work arrangements for more than 500 customers. In addition to CRM, we also applied for an accounting system for him. The accounting system can accurately count the monthly income, cash flow, accounts receivable and so on of Mr. Chen's company.

Case: advertising media production

Miss Li works in an interior design company. She believes that the most difficult is to write a reasonable and reasonable technology voucher application plan. Since she needs to complete all the documents and information in person, her employees are not familiar with the company and may not be able to help fill them out. Because Miss Li is very busy with her work, it is difficult to write the plan in person and answer the questions raised by the agency in time. So Ms. Li met through a friend's introduction in December 2018. Our technology voucher consultant matched Ms. Li with the most suitable web design and production solution company pnetform Technology Co. Ltd. In addition to the web page, he also applied for an employee attendance record system for Ms. Li. The system not only counts attendance, leave, MPF, etc., but also It can manage the performance of employees and other functions, which greatly improves the company's employee management.

Case: Interior Design Company 3 major success factors

1. believes that the applicant company did not carefully check the details of each item when filling in the technology voucher application form. There are one or more omissions.

2. Many companies did not respond to the agency’s questions before the deadline

3. When the department asked about applying for the technology voucher program, the applicant could not answer a reasonable and persuasive reason

4. Obtaining supplier quotations is also a major difficulty in applying for the technology voucher program. Companies must find three quotations with the same content, which makes many companies feel very headache. Because many technology companies will not rush to provide a quote is an experienced technology voucher application consulting company, and is very familiar with applying for technology voucher programs. We process about 10 technology voucher applications every month. Our technology voucher consultants will first understand the company’s background and needs, and then provide customers with appropriate suggestions and opinions, so as to effectively obtain funding through technology voucher, thereby enhancing the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

Miss Zhang is the person in charge of the traditional logistics platform. Customers need to call to make an appointment for receiving, shipping and receiving goods. Ms. Zhang applied for the technology voucher upgrade system through us in January 2019. The technology voucher project includes using the mobile app to make an appointment for the customer to receive the goods, instead of calling, the customer can see the date and time to receive the goods on the App. time. The deliveryman signs and accepts the shipment to the customer on the App. In addition to convenience for guests, it can also accurately calculate the daily workload of the deliveryman, calculate the number of deliveries, and facilitate the calculation of labor.

Case: Online freight logistics platform

At the end of 2018, we successfully applied for a 300,000 project for a driving training academy with 2 branches in Hong Kong. The technology voucher program includes an appointment system for students to purchase and book courses online. At the same time, training materials are placed online so that those who are interested or have already participated in the course can practice on the Internet. The technology voucher also includes an app for employees, allowing the instructor to confirm the student’s attendance and even correct the student’s homework.

Case: Training Driving Academy