Why does the tech voucher supplier “cannot read back” your quotation?

Various industries are striving to use technology solutions to strengthen production, marketing and operational capabilities. With the funding of the government’s HK$600,000 technology voucher program, obtaining quotations from technology voucher suppliers is the key to successful application of TVP technology voucher. The blockage of the quotation process is enough to drag down the entire technology. Voucher funding application. It is important for enterprises to quickly obtain quotation responses for technology coupons, and it is even more important to avoid quotation traps and get the project launched at full speed.

CRM, ERP, project management programs, etc. are all popular technology voucher funding programs. It can be imagined that suppliers in these categories receive many quotation invitations every day. Under the principle of done deal-based, they must take the easy but not the difficult. , First deal with the quotation invitation that can list the technical requirements in detail. In addition to the consideration of resources and time costs, another reason is that there is no free lunch in the world, and no free scientific and technological consulting services. If an incomplete quotation invitation is thrown out, the supplier must fill in the quotation content instead of actually negotiating the project content. Will be treated coldly.

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The Technology Voucher Funding Scheme is extremely prudent in reviewing procurement procedures. Projects no higher than HK$50,000 must obtain written quotations from at least two suppliers; projects above HK$50,000 to HK$300,000 must obtain written quotations from at least three suppliers. Under the trend of enterprises vying for the transformation of technology solutions, technology coupon suppliers will inevitably receive more invitations for quotations. Technology coupon quotations should not only raise problems without specific work requirements.

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Essentials of Tech Voucher Quotation Must Be Known

From the standpoint of the enterprise, in addition to obtaining quotations as soon as possible so that TVP funding and projects can be obtained as soon as possible, it is more important to ensure that major technological transformation plans will not end up unfinished by selecting the wrong supplier. The following are the key points of the quotation Don’t know:

One)Precision requirements:List the required functions, the number of users, the content that needs to be customized, the internal system to be connected, etc. The more careful the technical requirements, the more communication errors and omissions can be reduced. If there is no suitable IT staff in the company to assign important tasks, it is recommended to hire an external technology consultant as your project manager, and relevant expenses can be applied for technology voucher funding.

two)ClaimdemoAfter selecting the candidate list of your favorite suppliers, you should ask the other party to demonstrate Demo, and try to provide cases for reference to understand the supplier’s ability to execute the project.

three)Pay attention to the quotation details:In addition to one-time purchase or development costs, also pay attention to maintenance costs or additional expenses. Regardless of the system, web page or application, it also needs to be updated and upgraded regularly. A few are afraid of long-term calculations, and the related costs may be the devil hidden in the details.

four)Analyze the quotation:For the same quotation request, the prices quoted by different suppliers can vary greatly. Generally speaking, the more complex the functional requirements, the higher the price. However, if the supplier already has the relevant infrastructure or technology, there is no need to reinvest in development. There will be greater advantages in the quotation. When planning a project, companies should be aware of the scale and budget of the project, and don’t be led by the technology voucher supplier.

Fives)Track record reviewcheck:When you add a technology solution or system, the technology voucher supplier becomes an important partner of your company. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a thorough review of the supplier. In addition to the project execution ability, you should also pay attention to the supplier’s after-sales service, including training Service, query response speed, system update density, etc. Don’t just trust the information provided by the supplier. Cross-checking or internal trade winds are very important.

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Technology voucher quotes become a pain point

Technology voucher quotations are a pain point for many companies, because there are no IT professionals in-house to deal with it, and it is easy to make communication errors or being exploited by suppliers to greatly reduce the effectiveness of technology projects. The main goal of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) is to subsidize local SMEs in Hong Kong to develop technology services and solutions. Companies can appoint technology consultants to provide consulting services for the technology projects they apply for. Hiring a private TVP consultant can take care of TVP applications and technology voucher projects. It is already a small and medium-sized enterpriseHow to apply for 600,000 Technology VouchersThe most direct solution.

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