Old school wholesale banks also upgrade TVP technology voucher to subsidize the purchase of ERP system

TVP subsidized the purchase of ERP system

The food wholesale company’s business covers the whole of Hong Kong, but for decades it has still used excel to handle the wholesale business. From the moment an order is received, the order issuance, shipment, delivery, and accounting are all handled manually, and mistakes and missed orders occur every day. , The company is bound by backward technology, it is difficult to concentrate on developing business. The boss finally smashed his sword,Apply for TVP Technology Voucher Subsidy,The purchase of technological solutions greatly optimizes the company’s processes and cuts operating costs in the long run.


Reduce manpower, mistakes and omissions, company stop loss

Many trading and wholesale companies still have not transformed their technological solutions. Most of the reason is that the company has many old officials and has become familiar with the inherent model. The company relies on manpower in its operation. Although daily errors and omissions increase operating costs, they may not bring immediate huge losses but slow the company. Slowly dry in the shade. However, when the company does not have IT professionals, and the boss has a lot of business, and has no time to look at the daily operations, this has become the reason why traditional companies stay in place in the value-added of technology. If the company encounters the above difficulties,Technology Voucher Advisor to Help QuotationAnd funding application is a shortcut to upgrade.


ERP Technology Voucher Project Sharing

As long as the boss intends to use technology solutions to improve daily operations, the specific plans and implementation can be handed over to the technology voucher consultant toHK$600,000 subsidy to upgrade the systemGo ahead. The above-mentioned food wholesale company used the TVP technology voucher program to subsidize the purchase of ERP (Enterprise Resource Management System), which is a successful case of technology voucher.


Excel has many problems processing orders

In the past, employees of food wholesale companies would record orders in excel, and after the order was cut, they would produce the excel summary tables in different formats and deliver them to the warehouse and transportation fleet. Because of the complicated process, the company set the order cut-off time in the afternoon, and the order cut-off time is too early, which is not good for marketing. In addition, the content of the order is often wrong, regardless of the goods or the quantity, and when the fleet is loaded, it is only found that the super important reduction is, which also makes the operation inefficient.

Accounting relies on excel to manage accounts receivable. Because there is no system management, the company tends to pay on delivery (COD) or requires salespersons to shoulder the responsibility of collection, which affects sales performance and finds it difficult to develop large customers.


Technology Solution: Sales+Logistics+accounting Newsletter

After purchasing the ERP system, the company has integrated sales, customer service, logistics and accounting, greatly improving management efficiency:

1) Sales Management System:It has two main functions: customer information management (delivery address, billing address, contact person and other basic customer information) and order management. After receiving the order, the sales customer service can quickly select a customer account from the database, and enter the name, quantity and unit of the goods under the account. Since all the information is a computer option, the order placement process is smoother. And can reduce the input errors of the whole person.

2)Warehouse Management System: Establish a warehouse management system and connect the sales management system with the warehouse system. After the daily order is cut off, the “sales management system” outputs data to the “warehouse management system”, and the “sales content” (SKU and quantity) becomes the “shipping instruction” of the warehouse. In addition, the “warehouse management system” It can calculate the volume unit (CBM) of the goods and provide important information for the fleet platoon.

3) Accounting system:When the goods are delivered successfully, the order in the “sales management system” will become the account receivable in the “accounting management system”, and the accounting staff can recover the payment according to the statement. If there is overdue payment, it can also be clear at a glance, and the number can be recovered immediately Otherwise, customers can also be closed in the sales management system and no longer shipped.


ERP suppliers’ quotation emphasizes technical requirements

The operation of wholesale and trading companies involves sales, customer service, logistics and accounting. The technology system not only opens up the information chain of daily operations, but also modernizes management and facilitates management through standardized processes.

ERP application schemeMany are popular technology voucher items. ERP suppliers will provide quotations according to the functions of the ERP system, such as automation requirements (automation), complexity, etc. To control the cost and quality of the project, when quoting ERP suppliers, the requirements must be refined from the IT technical level.

Under the Technology Voucher Program, the ERP system, cloud services that store the ERP system, and other related projects can receive 75% of the cost of the government-funded project, and the funding limit is HK$600,000. The technology voucher consultant can become your private technology + funding think tank. From the perspective of making good use of technology voucher funding, you can review the business process for you, from drafting ERP project requirements, ERP quotation and procurement, ERP supplier selection, ERP project management, toSuccessful application for technology voucher funding,Let you do your best.

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Examples of Technology Voucher Catering Industry Solutions

Food for the people, technology helps the catering industry turn around

Hong Kong is a food paradise. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, the catering industry has suffered an unprecedented winter. In addition to the cash support from the Li Ka-shing Foundation and the Government’s Anti-epidemic Fund, in fact, Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) and remote Technology funding funds such as the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) have openly allowed the catering industry to apply for subsidies for the use of information technology systems. The following is a one-stop integrated solution that is quite suitable for general restaurants, and restaurant owners may wish to refer to it.


Online shop builds a brand to open up the road

Many people in charge think that opening a special page on social platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram) is equivalent to online promotion, and there is no need to establish their own dedicated website. Undoubtedly, social media has a good publicity effect, but please don’t forget that the platform page does not belong to the company. Once it is closed or even deleted, it will become nothing. Moreover, all fan information is controlled by the platform and cannot be effectively commercialized at all. Analysis, therefore, the catering industry should also establish its own website or even an online store to fully analyze customer data, develop its own brand, and open up new routes.


The new generation of POS has different traditions

In addition, most restaurants are now equipped with catering system POS, which can connect the three places of ordering, kitchen and cashier. However, this can only be used for general operations and cannot integrate data for business statistics and analysis. As a boss, of course, I hope to understand the consumption tastes of diners, the utilization rate of various resources, etc., in order to meet the needs of diners as much as possible and increase sales. In addition to the simple appearance and user interface of the new generation of catering system POS, it is more important that it can be connected to other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relation Management (Customer Relation Management, CRM). The consumption data can be directly transmitted to the CRM for analysis, and the management personnel can adjust the market strategy according to the analysis, and respond to market needs quickly.

There is also a mobile ordering interface on the market. As long as the diners scan the QR Code on the table, they can order food through the Web app. There is no need to develop a separate mobile app, and the diners do not need to install it. , Very suitable for Hong Kong people who pay attention to efficiency.


CRM builds a loyal customer base

The CRM mentioned above also explains how CRM can help the development of the catering industry. In the past, many restaurants would adopt a membership system. The purpose was to increase customers’ chances of returning, and then become a loyal fan of the restaurant. Everyone in business understands that it is far more difficult to do a business for new customers than for old customers. The websites and POS mentioned earlier can be regarded as online and physical store businesses. As long as they are connected to CRM, they can integrate online and offline consumption information. For example, customers have made online purchases and placed orders in physical stores. Get discounts and save points. The membership system also encourages diners to leave contact information for future promotion.


There are many technology voucher catering industry programs, carefully select suppliers to expand customer sources

In addition to the technology voucher diet plan introduced above, some suppliers even adjust the system for different types of catering in order to make operation and promotion more efficient. TVP-hk recommends that restaurant owners choose TVP suppliers carefully, and don’t forget that supplier’s track record is also one of the judging criteria. Online restaurants in the catering industry are also supported by D-Biz and provide a certain promotional fee.

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5 automation solutions for e-commerce

5 automation solutions for e-commerce

Automation solution(automation)It can open up e-commerce business opportunities. In addition to helping companies streamline their processes, they can also bring new strategies for operations and sales, such as online sales, accounting, warehousing, customer management,B2BorB2CPromotional strategies are making strides towards automated systems.TVPKnow more about technology voucher,5Large automation technology solutions help upgrade and transformation, and successfully applyTVP Technology voucher, the highest you can getHK$60Million grants,The funding ratio reaches75%


1) Automated email system

The online shop is connected to the automated email system. When the customer has not completed the shopping process after picking the goods in the online shop, the automated email system will send an email reminder to the customer. Such a heartwarming and personalized reminder service rekindles the customer’s desire to shop. Effective strategies to help Internet business strive for greater sales. In addition, the online shop’sVIPPromotional messages and limited-time discount messages are reliable and automated email systems are sent to customers regularly to achieveOptimize customer experienceThe goal is to reduce manpower at the same time.


2) After-sales management automation

“Consumer Vision” is2020The key to success in online marketing in 2010, whether fashion, electronic products or food, customers will crawl texts to refer to other buyers’ comments before shopping online; the more “buyer comments” of a product, the more popular the product is. Therefore, the new A generation of online merchants are dedicated to increasing buyer participation.

As long as the automation function is added to the e-commerce platform, the buyer comment rate can be increased. After confirming that the buyer has received the goods, the system will immediately send out an invitation. This kind of proactive invitation to share prompt messages can get a good response rate, and from the point of view of after-sales management, it also makes the customer’s impression extra points, which is low Cost-effective after-sales management strategy.

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3) Automated inventory management system

Inventory management is a pain point for many online stores, and the problem can be solved by integrating the online store with an automated storage system. When the online store sells goods, the automated inventory management system will update the inventory simultaneously, and the online store can check the real-time inventory record at any time. Automated inventory management system can monitor each itemSKUWhen the inventory volume drops to a preset level, the automated inventory management system will automatically generate order reminders to improve inventory management.


4) Document processing automation

Business operations involve a large number of documents, such as sales orders, delivery orders, reminders, receipts, monthly statements, etc. If the orders are issued manually, it is really time-consuming and troublesome. On the contrary, as long as the automation function is added to the accounting system or the payment system, as long as At the push of a button, the system can automatically generate receipts, which is simple and fast, greatly reducing labor costs and time.

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5) Customer Service Automation

Al Chatbotscan24/7In response to customer inquiries, when a customer types in a keyword, the system can give a preset reply instantly, and it can even help customers make choices during online shopping.AI chatbotsTechnology is accelerating its evolution and has become an indispensable tool for e-commerce.


Science and Technology Plan + Funding Enterprise Upgrade Outlet

In addition to the automation systems mentioned above, many companies are also adding automation solutions at full speed according to their operational needs. Under the Technology Voucher Funding Scheme, these solutions can apply for government funding.

Find the right oneSystem supplier quotationIt’s not easy. The technology voucher consultant can become your private technology + funding think tank, providing advice on the best technology solutions, maximizing the benefits of technology voucher funding, and letting you do your best.

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Technology Voucher Website Online Store Solution Breaks the Epidemic

Traditional retail applications for technology coupons to open online stores to expand business

In 2019, there was an anti-amendment social movement in Hong Kong. The business of Mr. Chen, who has been doing traditional retail all the way, was greatly affected. Several stores were in the main demonstration areas, and they could only operate in the morning for a limited amount. Not going there for a long time is not a solution, so Decided to change the website into an online store, providingOnline ShoppingAnd payment, and connect the relevant logistics system. With the assistance of consultants,Technology Voucher ApplicationIt was quickly approved. The online store system supplier completed the erection and testing in less than three months. The online store was officially put into service at the beginning of 2020. No one would have thought that the online store has become a lifesaver for business.

Just when many bosses thought that the social movement was over and they were happily preparing for the business of the Lunar New Year schedule, a new type of pneumonia (also known as Wuhan pneumonia) has rewritten the lives of the whole world. Hundreds of millions of people need to work at home, countries restrict gatherings, and people The desire to consume has been completely lost, and the situation is more severe than during the social movement. This sudden epidemic has destroyed many businesses that have been standing for many years.

Mr. Chen’s business was initially affected like you and me. However, the opening of Dude’s online store and the digital promotion plan that was prepared early on, as people adapted to the new life under this special situation, they began to gradually switch to online consumption.,Online shop systemSince the test has been done, I can handle a large number of orders. Maybe Mr. Chen is a bit lucky, but he is prepared for danger in times of peaceBusiness attitude and business transformationDetermined, the online store today not only becomes the growth engine of the business, but also makes a significant contribution to brand awareness.


The service industry turns the portal site into an appointment system

Although the online shop aims to sell products, another industry: how can the service industry survive through IT solutions during the epidemic? Let’s take a look at the example of business consultants. Mr. Li’s business is to provide business consulting services to commercial customers. , The company’s portal website has been changed toOnline appointment system (Online booking system),And conduct video conferences with overseas customers to provide consulting services. In the past, Mr. Li’s office colleagues needed to frequently respond to customer calls to arrange meetings. Not only did they use a certain amount of human resources, but they also occasionally made human errors and mistaken the appointment time. Now customers can use the online appointment system to schedule appointments around the clock. The website system will operate 24 hours a day and link to the calendar of colleagues to know the work schedule in real time. Mr. Li is not a prophet. Of course, he would not expect the epidemic to come, but he is so-called to take precautions. Since technology is the general trend, the government provided up to two-thirds of the project funding. (TVP funding plus,The ratio has been increased to three-quarters from April 1, 2020). With the assistance of the technology voucher consultant, the application and project will be completed in about 9 months. During the epidemic, business advisory services were not greatly affected.


Transformation of various course tutors to online teaching

The last example of using technology to overcome the epidemic is the online learning system. In the 21st century, everyone understands the principle of “knowledge changes destiny”. Parents will train their children and enroll them in various tuition, art, STEM and other courses. ; For health, interest and work, working adults will study and study in their spare time, such as fitness, Chinese or distance courses. Online learning is quite mature in developed countries with a vast territory, and it may even use video conferencing to learn from teachers in other countries. However, Hong Kong has low incentives to implement distance learning due to its convenient transportation. Under the epidemic situation, no industry is spared and unaffected. Tutorial schools are one of the hardest hits. As parents, it is understandable that parents would rather stay at home for their children to study and reduce the chance of cross-infection in the tutorial schools. The course tutor arranges online learning. In addition to video teaching, students can also provide homework and tests through the system so that tutors and parents can monitor their learning progress. The distance learning system is also a popular technology voucher project in the industry.


Technology Voucher TVP and D-Biz

As the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic is still raging around the world, Hong Kong people have reduced the number of infections to a minimum with immense wisdom and patience. As a Hong Kong citizen, TVP-hk technology voucher consultant is very proud. Since we can avoid the outbreak of immune disease in the community, we can alsoInformation Technology SystemBreak through the conditions,Remote workAnd life. Now in addition to the TVP technology voucher program, the Innovation and Technology Bureau has also launched the “Distance Business Programme” (D-Biz), which fully subsidizes the remote work of enterprises. The above examples are all within the scope of funding. Overcome the “epidemic” environment with technology and act immediately to make the most wise deployment.

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Technology Voucher and Common Human Resources Issues of SMEs

Technology Voucher Funded Human Resource Management System

According to the statistics of the Technology Voucher Program, more than half of the technology voucher applications involve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the most important corporate resources must be counted. Naturally, human resources (HR) must be mentioned. The human resource management system (HRMS) on the market can manage personnel records, assist in budgeting, calculate salary and benefits, arrange vacations and attendance, etc. It can also support MPF and tax calculations. These processes and data are related to the well-being of the company’s employees. The most important thing for a company is people. To retain talents, it must have a clear, transparent and fair personnel policy.

Technology and Business:Understand the company’s own problems

Human resources problems faced by SMEs

Generally, in the early stage of business start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises will focus their energy on finding business. The boss has several jobs, mainly the free salesperson of the company, but also the project coordinator, etc. The only colleague is himself, and the hard-working business starts. On track, it is natural to recruit troops. After hiring a group of employees, I find that there are a lot of internal tasks, such as calculating salary, establishing personnel records, and filing taxes for employees. The result is only two possibilities: one is to spend a lot of time on these “not making money” The second aspect of administrative work is the sloppy and sloppy. Regardless of the possibility, it reduces the efficiency of business operations and even planted a time bomb.

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Benefits of HRMS

Many of the above administrative tasks are repetitive. As long as the process is well written and related systems can be connected, it can be fully automated, and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is being born for this. HRMS has several benefits:

  1. Computing costs. Regardless of analysis workload or labor, HRMS can quantify the distribution of manpower and help company management reduce costs and increase per capita productivity
  2. Reduce duplication of work. For the boss or HR colleague, HRMS can replace manual work to deal with repetitive tasks, and devote energy and time to more meaningful places
  3. Fair system. As HRMS quantifies human resources, data can be used as one of the reasons for promotion and transfer, making colleagues feel fairer and more willing to contribute to the company.
  4. Reduce errors. The larger the company, the more complicated the personnel affairs, as long as a small mistake may affect the entire company’s colleagues. HRMS can effectively reduce the occurrence of errors, even if there is an error, the root cause of the problem can be traced.

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Apply for technology voucher TVP to use HRMS

Due to the epidemic, many employees have to work from home, which makes human resource management more difficult to deal with. A flexible HRMS can handle a variety of different scenarios, maintain the company’s operational efficiency, and smoothly overcome economic adversity. Now that the funding ceiling of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) has been raised from 400,000 to 600,000, and the funding ratio has reached 75%, it is time to review whether the company’s human resources are used effectively, and use HRMS to improve corporate operating efficiency and enhance overall competitiveness.

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Successful examples of fashion store technology vouchers

Fashion companies borrow technology vouchers to upgrade

Hong Kong is the capital of fashion, and there are many very distinctive fashion shops. The protagonist of this successful example of technology voucher is one of them. The fashion store is located in Central and Sheung Wan. On weekdays, it mainly focuses on Central OL. Happy hour is the most prosperous. In order to increase customer loyalty and facilitate shopping, with the assistance of technology voucher consultants, successfully applied for TVP to build an O2O system, extending the business from the traditional stores in the past. To the Internet, it is also convenient for more online marketing promotion.


Past sales and operation problems

Let me talk about the original operation mode of Boutique. The boss is a fashion designer, and each style is only produced in small quantities. Since the shop is located in the fashion center, there will be a certain target customer when it arrives. This mode of operation of a small shop It was still pretty good, but the boss gradually discovered several problems. First of all, regular customers are willing to provide contact when the boss personally greets them, but it is difficult for other customers to ask. If you can have a customer database, it will be very helpful for future promotion. ; In addition, because the flow of people is only concentrated in a certain period of time, the store appears to be idle at other times, but the fixed cost is still there, which causes a certain waste; finally, with the increasing number of models, inventory management is not easy.

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O2O website solutions

In order to make full use of resources, the fashion store decided to establish an online store that allows customers to shop directly. Online stores have several advantages for business. First, even during non-peak hours, customers can go shopping on the website, or browse the product catalog first, and then directly buy or pick up the goods in the store, and complement each other online and offline; , Online shopping generally needs to leave basic contact information, as long as the customer’s consent is obtained, it can be used for publicity, and the promotion is more direct. In order to manage inventory, this technology voucher project also includes an inventory management system and online and offline docking. When customers order goods online, the system will deduct the inventory to prevent customers from coming but not being able to provide them.

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Easy to apply for technology voucher consultants

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) subsidizes two-thirds of the cost, with a maximum amount of HK$400,000. Successful companies only need to pay one-third of the price to upgrade their technology system. The above successful examples of technology coupons illustrate that in today’s fiercely competitive environment, only by improving operational efficiency, improving customer service experience and reducing expenses can we gain a foothold in the market. The person in charge found an experienced consultant to assist in the technology voucher application. During the period, he can continue to do a good job of operation; the consultant also played a good role as a technology voucher intermediary and introduced several good technology voucher suppliers.

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Successful examples of pet shop technology vouchers

Technology Voucher Helps Pet Shop Upgrade System

Hong Kong people have always been caring and like keeping pets, so pet shops have become popular. In addition to selling pet food and supplies, pet grooming is popular. This time the successful sharing of technology voucher examples is a pet shop that has been in business for ten years. The technology voucher consultant assisted in applying for funding and successfully created a new system, including a comprehensive website system, a customer relationship management system (Customer Relation Management, CRM), an appointment system and retail sales System (Point-of-Sales, POS), and connect all systems to achieve one-stop and automated management. Customers can order pet supplies and make beauty appointments as long as they go to the pet shop website. At the same time, the system will collect customer consumption behavior data and provide business reports. The person in charge can easily read and reference and assist in marketing decisions.

Customer Relationship Management System

Like many bosses, pet shops used to focus on sales, including finding new customers and selling services and products to old customers, but there is no scientific and objective division of customers’ tastes, product sales, and seasonal factors. The analysis depends only on the impression and memory of the person in charge. For example, a certain customer consumes a lot, but is it a regular customer? It is necessary to open all Excel, and it is impossible to make it clear. CRM is just a tool for managing customer relationships. Whether customers often turn orders, what customers need more in winter, which brand of dog food is the most popular, and even the different consumption patterns of owners of cats and dogs can be clear. To see. As the boss, we should not only be a good salesperson, but also grasp the ins and outs of the entire business and plan strategizing in order to win in the fiercely competitive market.

Pet shops apply for technology voucher funding

Reservation system

Another pet shop’s main business is pet grooming services, such as hair cutting, make-up and bathing for cats and dogs. However, each service must ensure that the facilities are available and the technicians are available. Do not underestimate the appointment. In fact, it is quite cumbersome. If there is an error in the process, it may become a collision period or idle time. In the past, guests had to make an appointment for beauty services. They had to call the pet shop first. The clerk had to check the appointment table and the on-duty list before making an appointment. The most troublesome thing was that the guest or technician had to reschedule, and one party could not catch the other party. An error occurred. Now, as long as you log in to the website, you can view the past records, make appointments for regular beauty services, and make a one-time appointment. Even if you need to change it, you can complete it with just a few clicks. The reserved consumption records will be automatically synchronized to the CRM, without manual input, you can see real-time analysis and reports.

O2OWebsite retail system

Both of the above systems need to be connected to the O2O online and offline retail system, that is, an online store that has been connected to the POS system. For traditional retail stores, POS systems are not unfamiliar. They are mainly used to collect payments and manage inventory. Online stores are also a very common e-commerce method. However, it is engineering to integrate two sets of tools to manage the same inventory. Focus. Regardless of online and offline consumption, it needs to be fed back to the CRM for analysis and follow-up. After making an appointment in the online store, you need to go to the physical store for service. Therefore, the connection and stability between the systems are very important for business development.

O2OSolution, CRM and appointment system need to be integrated one after another

Easy to apply for technology voucher consultants

Technology Voucher Scheme (Technology Voucher Programme, TVP)Funding two-thirds of the cost, the maximum amount is 400,000 Hong Kong dollars, and companies that successfully apply can upgrade their technology systems by paying only one-third of the price. The above successful examples of technology voucher show that in today’s fiercely competitive environment, only by improving operational efficiency, improving customer service experience and reducing expenses can we gain a firm foothold in the market. Managing a pet shop is already very busy, so the person in charge finds an experienced technology voucher consultant to assist in the application. During the period, he can continue to do the operation; the consultant also plays a good role as an intermediary and introduced a few good ones.Technology Voucher Supplier,The final result is obvious to all.

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Successful examples of technology vouchers in the beauty industry

Successful examples of beauty salon technology vouchers

Hong Kong people generally like to dress up. With the increasing status of women, the income of professional women has increased, and there is a high demand for the beauty industry. In addition, Hong Kong’s economy is dominated by sales services, and appearance has a certain impact on sales. . On the other hand, the government has a lot of supervision on industries such as beauty and fitness, which makes the industry very competitive. To gain a firm foothold in the beauty market, apart from relying on high-quality services and marketing, the original technology applications can come in handy. The TVP-hk consultant shared a successful example of a beauty salon’s technology voucher, throughApply for Technology VoucherFunded, successfully upgraded the website system and customer relationship management system, on the one hand, it opened up new sources of customers, on the other hand, it strengthened the follow-up and resale to existing customers.

Problems with the old system

The old website of the beauty salon was set up on a platform at the beginning of its opening. Since the platform was a closed system, it was unable to add the online appointment system required by the beauty salon. It could only be presented in the form of the most basic company website for a simple service introduction. At the same time, the company only uses Excel to process customer information. What kind of service is the customer’s preference, which beautician is the most popular, etc., are not able to make a sophisticated report. The person in charge can only explore the direction of business development through experience. This method is At first, the company could barely handle it when there were only dozens of stable customers, but as the company grew to several times its original size, Excel was obviously not a suitable customer relationship processing tool, which really hindered the company’s growth.。

Beauty salons apply for technology voucher subsidies to rebuild their websites andCRM

Technology Voucher Consulting Company Assists Beauty Salon

In view of this, the beauty salon decided to find a supplier to re-develop the website, join the online appointment system, and connect to the planned Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, so that guests can make appointments for beauty services anytime and anywhere, and conduct customer behaviors. Analyze in order to make sales. Knowing that TVP can fund up to two-thirds of the cost of the project, the person in charge of the company decided to apply for a technology voucher for this system upgrade. As the relevant procedures are quite complicated, and the beauty salon does not know much about information technology suppliers, on the one hand, he is afraid to find I couldn’t find a suitable supplier, and on the other hand, I was afraid that the supplier would overcharge, so I searched the Internet for relevant information and contacted the consultant of TVP-hk. The consultant analyzed the business of the beauty salon and the projects that he hoped to upgrade, and believed that the rationale was sufficient and there was a reasonable chance of success, so he accepted the commission of the beauty salon and introduced several goodwill companies.Technology Voucher Supplier. As expected, the technology voucher application was successfully completed in about four months, and the entire project, including the test, was completed within three months.

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TVPTechnology Voucher Funding Website andCRM

Website systems and CRM are popular technology voucher projects. Most TVP cases can fully fund two-thirds of the cost, and the related supply is quite mature, and there are enough suppliers to choose from in the market. In the early stage of business startups, due to scale and cost considerations, many companies often only use a closed system to set up their own basic company website. However, as the company grows, this type of website platform cannot be connected to other systems, such as CRM or inventory management systems. Meeting the needs of business development limits the company’s growth. The government’s launch of TVP is precisely to solve the funding needs of technological upgrading and encourage enterprises to apply systems to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. The beauty industry has a long history and employs a large number of practitioners. It is an indicator of Hong Kong’s economy. Through the technology voucher scheme, the overall competitiveness of the industry is improved.

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Technology war kicks off, technology vouchers help SMEs face the battle

Technology war kicks off, technology vouchers help SMEs face the battle

Technological competitions have quietly appeared in all walks of life. Enterprises are thirsty for technological solutions. In addition to replacing manpower with systems, it can reduce human errors and reduce costs. By establishing technological systems, companies can also drive companies to establish good operating systems and improve Manage quality and maintain competitiveness. The following is a brief introduction to popular technology applications in the office, as long as Apply for Technology Voucher,Purchase Technology Voucher Supplier The scheme or system provided can be subsidized by two-thirds of the project cost, with a subsidy amounting to HK$400,000.

Code of Practice:Technology Voucher Application Process and Eligibility

1) Document management plan

A large number of documents are generated in daily operations of enterprises. Document management system (DMS) can reduce the time of document search, ensure that employees have consistent access to the latest version of documents, and can also monitor the access and flow of information for enterprises to prevent leakage of confidential documents. With cloud support, document operations can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

In addition to basic functions such as storing, retrieving, sharing, tracking, modifying or distributing documents, different user permissions can be set in the document management system, such as: restricting reading time, password opening, prohibiting printing, unauthorized persons not being able to read original files, etc. For documents to be approved, the electronic review process is used to replace traditional paper-based approval through the document management plan. The review progress is clear at a glance, which can improve work efficiency.

2) Network Security Solution

The network security plan can be adjusted according to the needs of the industry or the company. The general network security plan includes:

1) Defense against cyber attacks and malicious Internet activities;

2) Predict the risk of attack by collecting data records;

3) Patching in response to attacks。

3) Human resource management plan (HR system or HRMS system)

The general human resource management plan covers the following tasks, simplifying human resource management and administration:

1) Shift management: arranging staff rotation tables with the system;

2) Attendance management: record employee commuting time, employee attendance, overtime work, overtime days, paid holidays, etc.;

3) Holiday management: different leave rules can be preset for employees without manual review, and leave applications are recorded by the system, so you are not afraid of omissions or repetitions, and the information is real-time.

4) Salary management: the system calculates various salary items (attendance time and leave days), and automatically calculates employee salaries;

5) Employee file management: Establish a central file of personal data and related employment contracts for employees to reduce the risk of loss of paper files.

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success case:Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system turnover rate increased33%

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[TVP Technology Voucher Successful Case] Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system increased by 33%

[TVP Technology Voucher Successful Case] Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system increased by 33%

The severe winter of Hong Kong’s catering industry has come, and it is urgent to reduce costs and increase efficiency. SuccessApply for Technology VoucherThe project can bring up to HK$400,000 in subsidies to restaurants. The proprietor of a tea restaurant used technology vouchers to subsidize the purchase of a meal ordering system, which successfully increased the turnover rate during peak hours. From technology voucher application toTechnology Voucher SupplierProject management, technology voucher consultants create success together with you.

Order entry is decentralized, and the ordering system is free of errors and omissions

Fa Ge operates 3 tea restaurants, all located in the Yau Tsim Mong business district. In the past, orders were placed manually and then handed over to the center of the counter to enter the order. There were often mistakes and missed orders, and the counter became a bottleneck and slowed the exit. Speed of dishes. Fa Ge realized that the operation was not satisfactory last year, so he applied for TVP at the beginning of this yearTechnology VoucherIn order to add an ordering system, we hope that by optimizing the ordering process, the business flow will be accelerated. In the past six months, business in the evening market has been bleak, and I can fight for a long lunch to turn into a restaurant’s life-saving talisman. Fa Ge is fortunate to have an early opportunity.

At present, employees use tablets to place orders for diners, and the order information is sent to the flavor department, kitchen department and water bar in real time, which solves the bottleneck of the counter and improves the speed of food delivery. In addition, if the ordering system prints the sales slip and sends it to the diners, errors and omissions can also be found immediately. Roughly estimated, after the introduction of the ordering system, the time taken by diners from ordering to paying the bill has been shortened from an average of 45 minutes to 30 minutes in the past, and the number of diners in the two-hour golden lunch market has increased by 33%.

The ordering system can collect data from 3 restaurants, allowing Fa Ge to see the number of dishes, such as popular dishes, diners’ tastes, etc., which previously could only rely on second-hand information provided by the floor or the kitchen, now Fa Ge can already be in the system The data analysis is clear at a glance, which is very important to the management of chain restaurants.

Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system turnover rate increased by 33%
Tea restaurant ordering and ordering system turnover rate increased by 33%

Received more than HK$100,000 and the project cost was only tens of thousands

The ordering system improves the speed of placing orders and increases employee productivity in disguise. Because the system can handle procedures such as table picking, ordering, checkout, accounting, etc., the labor costs of related projects have become more flexible. After Fa Ge successfully applied for technology voucher funding, the entire technology voucher project from the ordering system solution to the tablet computer used to place the order received 2/3 funding. The restaurant only paid about HK$50,000-HK$70,000, but it could be improved in the long run. Operational efficiency. The ordering system can also achieve “Limited Time Offer”, “Diners Store Points”, etc., so that Fage can flexibly launch fast-selling promotions.

Avoid traps when purchasing a meal ordering system

Hand-held order system”、

Automatic ordering system for diners”、

Scan QR CODE online ordering system” is a common ordering system solution. When selecting, pay attention to the stability of the system, ease of use, adequate functions, and maintenance costs after installation. In addition, the after-sales support of the ordering system supplier is extremely important, including: whether the supplier will invest resources to continuously update the system, the speed of system bugs (Bugs) correction, etc. There are many suppliers of the ordering system on the market. I would advise the shop owner to learn more about the supplier’s past performance and background. The wrong picking system will cause the project to be scrapped and overturned, which is a major loss.

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