Successful examples of fashion store technology vouchers

Fashion companies borrow technology vouchers to upgrade

Hong Kong is the capital of fashion, and there are many very distinctive fashion shops. The protagonist of this successful example of technology voucher is one of them. The fashion store is located in Central and Sheung Wan. On weekdays, it mainly focuses on Central OL. Happy hour is the most prosperous. In order to increase customer loyalty and facilitate shopping, with the assistance of technology voucher consultants, successfully applied for TVP to build an O2O system, extending the business from the traditional stores in the past. To the Internet, it is also convenient for more online marketing promotion.


Past sales and operation problems

Let me talk about the original operation mode of Boutique. The boss is a fashion designer, and each style is only produced in small quantities. Since the shop is located in the fashion center, there will be a certain target customer when it arrives. This mode of operation of a small shop It was still pretty good, but the boss gradually discovered several problems. First of all, regular customers are willing to provide contact when the boss personally greets them, but it is difficult for other customers to ask. If you can have a customer database, it will be very helpful for future promotion. ; In addition, because the flow of people is only concentrated in a certain period of time, the store appears to be idle at other times, but the fixed cost is still there, which causes a certain waste; finally, with the increasing number of models, inventory management is not easy.

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O2O website solutions

In order to make full use of resources, the fashion store decided to establish an online store that allows customers to shop directly. Online stores have several advantages for business. First, even during non-peak hours, customers can go shopping on the website, or browse the product catalog first, and then directly buy or pick up the goods in the store, and complement each other online and offline; , Online shopping generally needs to leave basic contact information, as long as the customer’s consent is obtained, it can be used for publicity, and the promotion is more direct. In order to manage inventory, this technology voucher project also includes an inventory management system and online and offline docking. When customers order goods online, the system will deduct the inventory to prevent customers from coming but not being able to provide them.

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Easy to apply for technology voucher consultants

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) subsidizes two-thirds of the cost, with a maximum amount of HK$400,000. Successful companies only need to pay one-third of the price to upgrade their technology system. The above successful examples of technology coupons illustrate that in today’s fiercely competitive environment, only by improving operational efficiency, improving customer service experience and reducing expenses can we gain a foothold in the market. The person in charge found an experienced consultant to assist in the technology voucher application. During the period, he can continue to do a good job of operation; the consultant also played a good role as a technology voucher intermediary and introduced several good technology voucher suppliers.

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