Technology voucher quotation procedures must follow

When an enterprise applies for technology voucher funding for a technology project, it must

Technological securities suppliers are selected through standard procurement procedures. However, many companies have reported that they have encountered great difficulties in the quotation process, including low quotation response rates, frequent receipt of “high price” quotations, and difficulty in assessing the quality of suppliers. This article provides 4 major technologies. Tips for quoting coupon projects, know more about technology coupons. In addition to meeting the technology coupon quotation process, you can also select the most suitable service provider for the project to achieve the goals of upgrading the technology system, reducing costs and improving productivity. 

1) Avoid empty talk about the goal, the project requirements should be listed

The role of the technology voucher provider is to provide system support or solution provider. There are thousands of system and solution options, each with its own advantages, but when it comes to the application level, which option best meets the specific needs of the enterprise? If you just talk about the project goals, the technology bond suppliers will not be able to start at all, which may eventually lead to an invitation for quotation “read

Do not return” or quote sky-high prices. Therefore, the quotation invitation should focus on the key features and corresponding technical requirements, and describe them in IT professional terms, so that the technology coupon suppliers can provide accurate options and prices.


2) Avoid spamming invitations and attach importance to supplier quality

The result of spammy quotation invitations is often low response rate and low-quality quotations. After many exchanges, it is finally found that the technology bond supplier in front of them is not the right person, which wastes manpower and material resources. In Guangzhuo’s technology field, different technology suppliers have their own expertise. Those who can do web pages may not be able to do system development or management. A project may require multiple suppliers to connect, so

Before quoting, you should first have a basic understanding of the service supply status in the relevant category, and then select a suitable supplier to issue a quotation.

3) Face-to-face talks to reduce administrative costs

In the face-to-face meeting, you can ask the other party to share work cases related to the plan, which can not only assess the supplier’s ability, but also collect

Thinking broadly, you can also improve your project quotation requirements. Another very important reason is that if both parties can meet and negotiate face-to-face, each other can better grasp each other’s expectations or promises, and avoid time spent on clarification. In fact, it can reduce administrative costs more than telephone negotiations.

4) Review the quotation carefully, be careful of the devil in the details

When purchasing or adding value-added technology systems, it should be noted that the larger the system or the more customization requirements, the more chances of maintenance costs (maintenance) will rise. Technology voucher funding does not include routine maintenance costs, so when reviewing the quotation, It is necessary to carefully look at the fees of each project, and make a sufficient financial estimate for the one-time funding that the enterprise can obtain and the long-term maintenance expenses that the enterprise needs to bear.

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