Know more about technology voucher: 5 key influences on the effectiveness of procurement CRM system

The advent of the digital marketing era has changed the customer management ecology and the development of CRM systems. In the multi-channel and even omni-channel sales model, the CRM system can not only grasp the full picture of customer information, strengthen sales management, and optimize processes, but also play an important role. Business opportunities for enterprises to increase revenue and expand sources. With the development of technology and the combination of different marketing tools, the consideration of the procurement CRM system will have a new impact. The following share the key to allow companies to choose the appropriate CRM system supplier according to their operational needs and goals.

With TVP technology voucher funding, companies/institutions can make good use of the funding to purchase CRM systems.TVP Technology VoucherThe funding amount is as high as HK$600,000, and the funding ratio is as high as 75% of the project. Successfully applying for TVP technology voucher funding can pave the way for operational upgrades. However, the purchase of TVP technology voucher projects needs to follow the standard quotation procedure. Applicants should first familiarize themselves with the TVP technology voucher procurement procedures and how to deal with the issue of quotation by technology voucher suppliers, so as not to affect the application.

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SME CRM System Procurement Guide

1) Information integration capability

In terms of marketing efficiency, after emails, SMS, social networking sites, and APP push and broadcast the messages sent to customers, can customers’ open rate, click rate, and conversion rate of the messages be collected and analyzed by the CRM system? In the sales process, can the customer’s order records in the POS system, delivery information and payment records in the ERP system be connected to the CRM system? In the digital age, companies and customers interact through multiple channels. Therefore, customers must conduct comprehensive data analysis and integration to obtain meaningful customer management insights. Does the CRM system have the ability to integrate with other systems and exchange information? Function will be very important.


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2) Customization feasibility

If the CRM system has the standard functions required by the enterprise, it can reduce the cost of customized development. This is the basic consideration for selecting the CRM system plan. However, the business operation mode and the required plan are not the same. Customized development is carried out on the CRM system. Can make the system fully meet the needs of the enterprise. In addition, the CRM system is the core system of business operations. It will be used for many years after it is added. Therefore, the demand for customization of the system in response to the transformation of corporate marketing models will continue to appear in the future. Can the CRM system be adapted to the enterprise? Requirements, customized development is another consideration principle. If the underlying design principles of the CRM system cannot be changed, it will hinder its customized development function, which will not only increase the cost of customization in the future, but may even eventually part ways with the enterprise.

3) Omni-channel communication function

There are many communication options for customers to receive or send messages. If the CRM system limits the communication channels to certain options, the customer experience will lose points. On the contrary, no matter which communication media customers use, companies can interact with customers on a single platform through the CRM system. This kind of omni-channel seamless communication experience not only creates higher customer experience value, but also saves administrative costs for enterprises.

Of course, companies should consider the usual communication media of their main customer groups. Before purchasing a CRM system, they should first consider whether the relevant system has all the functions to support these media. For example, Hong Kong and mainland consumers often use WhatsApp, line, wechat and other communication software to communicate. , The CRM system that the enterprise buys must control the communication requirements of these communication software.

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4) Cloud system and security considerations

Cloud CRM system is an option for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Uploading data to the cloud can save the space and management cost of on-premise hardware in the long run. It also requires only mobile devices to operate the system at any time to improve work efficiency. The cloud CRM system provider is responsible for the maintenance and update of the cloud CRM system, and the company can choose the appropriate payment plan according to the data usage, reducing the fixed cost of the company’s investment in the CRM system, and expanding the scale of the cloud CRM system on demand to meet the growth pattern The needs of the business.

However, the CRM system contains customer consumption records and even highly sensitive information. Enterprises should carefully consider the protection capabilities of cloud CRM system providers, such as whether cloud CRM system providers have relevant information security and data protection certifications.


5) Supplier’s long-term potential

In the era of digital marketing, the marketing and customer service models have undergone major changes, and the speed of change in the future may be faster. The R&D and resilience of CRM solution providers will affect the development of enterprises in the long term. If the technology of CRM system providers lags behind others The limitation of enterprise development will bring far-reaching consequences to the enterprise. Therefore, when purchasing CRM solutions, companies must also consider the reputation of the solution supplier and the development blueprint to impulse their overall strength.

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CRM systems are becoming more specialized, TVP consultants can be trusted

The business deployment of each enterprise is different, and the internal process setting and the maturity of the employees to the CRM system application also affect the company’s choice of the CRM system. In terms of supply, the solutions proposed by CRM system suppliers also tend to be more specialized and detailed. Therefore, before making a CRM system procurement decision, the company must first start from the company’s own considerations, otherwise the CRM system construction will be difficult to achieve the original expectations.

Another important consideration is from the perspective of making good use of TVP technology voucher funding, so that the development of the enterprise can be assisted by the most appropriate technology solution. For small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have a dedicated IT manager, a technology voucher consultant is your best assistant.

We have a wealth of experience in TVP technology voucher project application and management. We use first-hand industry and funding information to remove risks and delays for you, so as to provide enterprises with a healthy and fast way in technology transformation and TVP funding applications.

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