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TVP technology voucher quotation management is the key to TVP technology voucher application, and processing errors will affect the technology voucher application. Below, TVP technology coupon consultants sort out common TVP quotation technical resistance levels and share their experience, so that companies can handle the technology coupon quotation process more easily.TVP Technology Voucher Subsidy SchemeProvide qualified enterprises with a maximum of HK$600,000 in funding to purchase technology solutions. Under the wave of digital business, seeking funding for technology upgrades is the best choice for SME owners to upgrade their strengths.

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Know the quotation requirements of technology voucher

First review the 3 key points of TVP technology coupon quotation:

(1)The enterprise must obtain a sufficient number of supplier quotations according to the project value

(2)The enterprise shall provide all copies of the integrity and non-collusion quotation/bid confirmation signed by the supplier.

(3)The purchase of TVP technology voucher should be based on the principle of “the one with the lowest price”. Otherwise, sufficient justification is required and the Innovation and Technology Administration will review and approve it according to the circumstances.


TVP technology coupon quotation requirements:

TVP technology project value Number of quotations required
<HK$50,000 At least 2 written quotations
>HK$50,000 At least 3 written quotations
> HK$300,000 At least 5 written quotations
>HK$1,400,000 Open tender


The key to dismantling the quotation of technology coupons

For ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises, without internal IT staff, it is not easy to deal with quotations for technology projects. Especially in terms of technical mastery of technology solutions and establishment of supplier networks, the following are common quotation obstacles:


1) After sending out the quotation invitation, the supplier response rate is extremely low?

The IT field is extensive, and suppliers focus on their respective categories. If the content of the quotation is not the core category, they will often be coldly treated by the supplier. It is recommended that companies first grasp which type of supplier the plan is provided by, and focus on searching for that type of supplier before making an invitation for quotation. In addition, the Productivity Council, the Trade Development Council, etc. all hold technology exhibitions or symposiums on different themes, through which companies can build a supplier network. If technology projects can be standardized, the list of potential suppliers can be added. By refining the content of the project, it will help to examine which technologies should be standardized.

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2) In the same quotation invitation, the content of the supplier quotation is different?

In the case of different quotations, it is difficult to compare apple to apple quotations. This may be because the quotations listed in the quotation invitation are not accurate enough. In fact, technology solutions can often be handled by more than one technology or application platform. Therefore, the content of the required solutions should be defined from the technical level, so that suppliers can make a “order-by-drug” quotation.

If the company needs not a single system, but an overall technological solution, for example, when the company wants to implement “Marketing automation“This involves the multi-track integration of CRM systems, email systems, and POS systems, rather than a single system upgrade plan. Since there are so many potential solutions, companies can send out RFI (request for information) before the official quotation to initially collect suggestions from potential suppliers, which helps to sort out the technological solutions needed by the company. In addition, meeting with suppliers can also enable each other to accurately communicate project expectations or restrictions.


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3) TVP technology voucher “lowest price” to drive out good coins?

After technology coupons require companies to make quotations, they choose suppliers based on the principle of “the lowest price” has become a myth among many companies. Especially when technology solutions are the core strategy of a company’s business transformation, it involves the reshaping and continuous development of the company’s operating process. In addition to price considerations, it is also necessary to consider the track record and long-term strength of TVP technology suppliers. In individual cases, if the company thinks that the solution provided by the non-lowest price supplier is more suitable for the company’s interests, it can apply to the Innovation and Technology Administration as appropriate and state the reasons in person. For example, the solution involves certain irreplaceable technologies and the company’s development needs are more suitable. The support of large-scale technology companies is not uncommon. However, success depends on whether the justification provided by the company is sufficient. In addition, the Innovation and Technology Agency has also requested some cases to provide a specified number of cases. The quotation is for reference.


4) Technology voucher consultants create maximum added value

As a technology voucher consultant, it is our inevitable added value to assist customers in selecting the most effective technology solutions. Therefore, in the procurement process, we will provide first-hand industry and funding information to allow companies to complete the quotation work. In terms of supplier network support, professional quotation management consulting, and technology voucher applications, we will work with you to provide enterprises with a healthy and fast way in technology transformation and TVP funding applications.

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