[Technology Voucher Program 2020] How to apply for 600,000 Technology Vouchers

The biggest optimization in the history of the 2020 technology voucher program

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was launched as a pilot project in November 2016 and lasted for 3 years. At that time, the funding limit was 200,000 yuan, which was two-thirds of the time. At the beginning of the launch, it was notoriously difficult to apply. Director Yang even questioned whether the applicant was too stupid. In fact, the government has its own language, which is not easy for companies or individuals to understand. After the official simplified application procedures, the situation has improved slightly. In February 2019, TVP will be regularized, and the funding ceiling will be doubled to 400,000, maintaining the ratio at two-thirds. Due to the increase in the silver code, it is sufficient to support general ERP (enterprise resource planning system) and Mobile Apps (mobile apps) Program). In the second half of 2019, there was an anti-amendment turmoil in Hong Kong, and Wuhan pneumonia broke out in early 2020. The Hong Kong economy was hit hard, especially in the retail and catering industries. Therefore, the Hong Kong government has launched a series of rescue measures to support enterprises and ensure employment. One of them is positive. It is the technology voucher plan to increase the upper limit from 400,000 to 600,000, and increase the ratio to three-quarters (75%). In other words, companies can upgrade their technology systems at a 25% discount.

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3 simple steps to apply for technology voucher TVP

Although long-term technology investment is used to help the immediate operational crisis, it seems that the water is far away from the fire, but there are always many companies with sound foundations and plan to be in the low market.Upgrade technology system,On the one hand, the price may be cheaper. On the other hand, it is easier to change in a low market than in a busy one. It is more practical to spend more energy on business in a good market. Now that the government has such good intentions, business owners and management who intend to take advantage of the weak market to upgrade should see if the technology voucher TVP can help you, keep some cash, and prepare to play again after the epidemic.

To successfully apply for technology voucher, there are 3 important steps:

  1. Choose the right technology solution for the company’s existing problems
  2. Follow the application guidelines and quotation procedures to search for suppliers
  3. Respond promptly to related questions of the Innovation and Technology Commission

Now explain the key points and error-prone points of each step one by one.


Step 1-Dismantling corporate issues and choosing technology solutions

The original intention of the Technology Voucher Program is to encourage companies to solve problems through technology solutions, so first of all, we mustAnalyze the company itself,And propose the required changes, which can be quantitative or qualitative changes. In terms of quantitative changes, traditional companies may often use human hands to settle settlements or deal with customer relationships, often causing human errors or failing to effectively control quality. The emergence of technological systems can reduce the risk of errors and improve operational efficiency. In terms of qualitative change, for example, traditional retail stores do not have an online store system. To survive the social changes in recent years, they must start from scratch and start to switch to them.Online shopOperating. Please remember that the technology system is superior to humans in its powerful automation functions, memory and calculations. If a company has a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be executed accurately, this means that the company has a lot of room to upgrade its technology system.

Knowing exactly the company’s own problems is very important for future choice of technology solutions or for responding to the issues of the Innovation and Technology Agency. The system cannot do for the sake of doing it. The purpose of the system is quite straightforward, which is to solve or alleviate existing problems. When you understand the problem, you must choose a plan. For example, if a company often requires colleagues to meet to report on the progress of the work, it obviously needs a set ofERP system,As long as colleagues update the work progress in the system, the relevant departments will be notified and viewed, reducing wasteful meetings.

TVP-hk Technology Voucher Advisor is familiar with the functions and functions of various technology systems. If you have any questions about technology systems, we can help you.

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Step 2-write project proposal and receive written quotation

After selecting the required technology system, a project proposal should be written. Please note that this proposal is not a common business proposal in the business sector, but is funded by the government.Application document. According to the “Technology Voucher Application Guidelines”Judging criteria,The proposed project must be business-related, and the implementation details of the project must be feasible and reasonable, and a reasonable budget. Therefore, the proposal must explain clearly how the system solution can improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise, and explain the implementation details in detail, including time required and testing methods.

To prove that the budget is reasonable, the easiest way is to find enough written quotations in the market. Since technology coupons cost public money, the quotations need to meet the standardsQuotation procedure,The purpose is to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to support the fairness and justice of the prices, and to ensure that public funds are used properly. If the applicant company fails to find a technology supplier, the TVP-hk technology coupon intermediary service can refer you to the most suitable and well-documented oneTechnology Voucher Supplier


Step 3-Explain the rationale for the proposal and the response needs to be timely

After completing the above steps, you can submit the application documents through the technology voucher website. Generally speaking, the Innovation and Technology Commission will ask at least one or two questions (the fastest record for applying for technology voucher is 13 working days, but it is estimated that the application items are quite simple), mainly for The implementation details and application of the proposed project are the reasons why the applicant company should think clearly about the relevant issues in the first step. Please also note that if the applicant company fails to respond in a timely manner, the authorities will send a reminder email, and the application will be abandoned if it fails to answer three times.

At this moment, the employees of the Technology Voucher Office are still working from home to a certain extent, and the backlog of applications in March has been delayed until April to obtain a higher funding ratio.,TVP consultantI believe it will take longer to apply for technology voucher now than before. If companies need to use the TVP upgrade system to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, please contact TVP-hk immediately (+852 6219 1703 or [email protected])

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